Essen 2018 Preview Index

Essen 2018 Preview Index

Here at Polyhedron Collider, we have been luck enough to try many a game before it gets released to the general public.  Whether it be via an early prototype copy, a media preview or Andy just barging his way into a demo at a convention, we've seen, played and passed judgement on quite a few of Essen 2018's hottest games.  

So that you, our dear listeners and readers don't have to traipse through page after page of content we have provided this handy and easily digestible list:

Escape Tales: The Awakeningy

Is the Escape room genre getting tired? Certainly not, as The Awakening shows that there is still life in the concept, even if it does mean escaping from a hell dimension that Steve likened to a bad hangover: 

Rory also wrote a review!


Tucked away, far from the gaming and trading halls at UKGE, in the actual hotel room of Mr Ignacy Trzewiczek himself (yes, there was a pile of biscuits in the corner) Rory sat down to play a modern crime board game and now he refers to himself as the world’s third greatest detective (behind Batman and Sherlock Holmes, obviously).

Hard City

Hard City - Essen 2018 Preview Index

Soaked in a vat of 80’s neon nostalgia, Hard City brings you  a clash of mutants and cops in an incredibly cinematic board game that now boasts co-op, one-vs-many and solo game modes.  It’s live on Kickstarter now but Hexy Studios will be running demos of this All Essen weekend (possibly with some cheeky promos)

Holding On: The troubled life of Billy Kerr

Rory begged, bribed and bullied his way into the last seat at the demo table of one of the Expo’s hottest games (note: he didn’t actually bribe or bully anyone, by chance there was just one seat available and he had the cheek to beg for it) 

Monster Lands

Monster Lands essen Preview

This game has been a long time coming to the Kickstarter backers but all the signs are pointing to this dice rolling euro style game with cutesy artwork being available to play and purchase at Essen.  Both Steve and Andy enjoyed taking turns to best the monster and general dick on each other in this one.


Monumental Essen Preview

Monumental is a clever combination of both area control and deck building game, all built around a beautiful realised take on the civilisation building genre. It’s packed to the brim with fascinating mechanics and interesting decisions that make you feel oh so clever as you string together combo after combo, but the downtime is crushing and feels like civilisations could have risen and fallen in the time between turns.

Nanty Narking

Another Martin Wallace game being shown off at Essen, well , he does get around doesn’t he.  This is Phalanx Games’ blinged-up reskin of Ankh-Morpork into Victorian London with Dickens and Doyle references  a plenty!


Nemesis Essen Preview

Andy has been in and out of this Kickstarter like he is doing the Hokey-Cokey before going deep enough to rupture John Hurt’s chest.  Who doesn’t want to experience utter dread in deepest darkest space with fantastic minis?


Essen nimble preview

Is a very quick, very light game that is almost a party game.  If you’re looking for games to enjoy with younger games, or something to play while Andy is at the bar (he’s always going to the bar) then this could be worth a look.

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Ragusa Essen Preview

A worker placement game where the workers are houses? This slick, thinky euro starts with a series of simple choices but quickly ramps up until some people may need to stand-up to think properly.

Rise to Nobility

Rise to Nobility essen preview

A typically “Andy” game, dice placement with lots going on and to think about and watch and consider.  Adding to the Five Realms series from Final Frontier Games this game ticks all the right boxes. 



A deck builder with a poker style twist, a pirate theme and stunning artwork compete with a pun-tatsic review from Rory who got his mitts on an advance prototype.

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The spiritual successor to Tzolk’in and is near unpronounceable but it’s a game that got everyone excited, including Andy at UKGE to the point where he pre-ordered the game immediately after the demo.  A ringing endorsement if ever there was one.



A board based skirmish game from Martin Wallace and published by Osprey Games?  This game screams quality with every fibre of its carboard and plastic being.  Will it be all we hoped?  It’ll be at Essen to play and purchase so we can truly find out.

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Witless Wizards

A light, quick game that does exactly what it looks like it’s going to do.  This push your luck game of a wizard trying to remember his spells may be the break out game you need.

Don't forget to check out our hot picks in our latest Essen Preview podcast episode.

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