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It has been a busy week in board gaming.  With the Essen Spiel board game fair in full swing, many a new game has been announced, played, demoed, and muled back like a suitcase full of Columbia's finest. This means we have a bounty of board gaming news to share with you this week, including a mouse filled movie, the world Scrabble championships and a board game about constant rain and unspeakable mutants (but surprisingly nothing to do with a weekend away in Rhyl).


Last week had a very exciting exclusive, Plaid Hat's Mice & Mystics is potentially going to be turned into a feature-length animated movie.  Dreamworks Animation is in final negotiations about the project but so far director (and co-writer), Alexandre Aja (Hills Have Eyes (2006)) and writer David Leslie Johnson (Aquaman, Conjouring 2 & 3) are both attached to the film.  Notably, both the director and writer are very at home in the "horror" genre, so I think it would be fair to expect a potentially dark 'kids' movie here.  We're nowhere near a release date or actors yet but its exciting times to see a hobby board game crossing over to the silver screen.

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Essen Spiel has once again been plagued by sticky fingers, despite publishers taking precautions, Hub Games (Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr) lost 3,000€ on Thursday using the old tactic of someone distracting a member of the team while someone else lifts a cash box.  The following day, while robbing Atipa Games (who were showing A Thief's Fortune - oh the irony) one of the tea-leafs was grabbed by a member of the team where he was reportedly sat upon by members of the public until the police arrived (and then found an illegal taser upon him) and carted him off. 


CMON has acquired the rights to horror classic 'Night of the Living Dead', the film that arguably birthed the zombie genre.  Other than this game being part of the Zombicide 'family' we don't know much yet but expect this to appear on Kickstarter sometime next year and to be full of amazing miniatures.
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You may have some decent charity/thrift store finds, but I bet that Chris Lightfoot and Mandy Flack will have your story beat hands down.  When Chris's parents came to visit him in his new place in Toronto, he figured he pop out to a local thrift store to pick a board game to play.  Turns out that the copy of Mind Out he bought had a secret compartment in the box which held not one, not two, or even three, but four diamond rings (I know, I know, I really wanted it to be five golden rings too). 

Collectively the rings are valued at $18,000.  So, once their visas are up, they plan to buy a boat and head to the Bahamas.

That was until the original owner turned up, a widow who had for some, as yet unknown reason to science or common sense, put her engagement and wedding rings, plus two others, into a game box.  She has been in contact with the couple and will be getting them all back soon.


Like any warm-blooded geek, the Ghostbusters formed an integral part of my childhood, so I approach any tie-in to this beloved IP with a little bit of scepticism.  But...but, when IDW Games announce a Ghostbusters/Men In Black cross-over board game Ecto-terrestrial Invasion set for release late 2019 featuring minis from Ninja Division I can't help but get a little bit giddy. 

And then I realise Ghostbusters turns 35 in 2019 and think maybe I'm a little too old to still be feeling giddy.
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Across the pond, three big businesses have revealed plans to dramatically expand their toy and game range this year, ready for the festive season.  Target, which already has one foot firmly planted in the hobby industry is set to double its SKU count in that department.  The Go! Retail Group is opening 400 new stores ready to sell toys and games this Christmas.  Finally,  FAO Schwarz is opening a new 200,000 square foot store in Rockefeller Plaza - it'll even have a walk-on keyboard. 

This all comes as the hobby game industry is experiencing continued growth, so it really can only be a matter of time before we start seeing some of those gateway games on shelves in Sainsbury's and Tescos.

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Stonemaier Games have announced that a series of highly detailed Metal minis are to be produced for everyone's favourite alternative 1920's dieselpunk board game, Scythe. 

Sets of these minis (1 for each faction) will be individually numbered, in foil embossed boxed and protected by a felt-lined insert with a clear plastic lid for display.  The initial print run will be limited to 4,000 sets and they'll go on sale direct from Stomemaier Games on 2nd November.

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Portal Games have announced all the expansions that they'll be releasing next year to support their games.  Chief amongst these that I'm excited about is L.A Crimes, the first full expansion for Detective: A Modern crime Board Game.  This is set to add not only new 3 new cases and new game mechanics, but it also riffs on the original game by setting this story in a drug-filled Los Angeles of the 1980's.

portal games detective la crimes


North Star Games are looking for additional playtesters to help playtest the much-anticipated Oceans, the sequel to Evolution.  The game is mechanically and thematically similar whilst push players to new strategic depths (BO DUM TSCH!).

The game is due to arrive on Kickstarter in February 2019 so if you fancy getting involve you can do so via this sign-up form.

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Osprey has announced their next big release coming in June 2019 (so it's already going on the Expo hit list) Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. 

A game based upon the award-winning novel by Susan Clarke of an alternative 19th Century England where real magic exists.  There isn't a huge amount known about the game just yet, other than that it is designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello (War of the Ring) with art by Ian O'Toole but with Osprey behind this I think it's safe to expect a stunning product.


Grimlord Games have launched their latest Kickstarter, the Everrain on Kickstarter and it looks right up our collective Collider streets. 

In this cooperative game set in a sinking world, players must manger their crew and ship from the onslaught of both the elements and the ancient Cthulhu-esque deity that is rising up to take over the lands.  This game made of Expo list but we just couldn't get a look in at Grimlord's Stand.  The campaign was fully funded within and hour and is currently flying through stretch goals.

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I know you're dying to know after we teased you with news of the World Scrabble Championships in last week's News Collider.  The final was held on Sunday evening between Nigel Richards and Jesse Day in London with Nigel winning 3-1.

Well done, Nigel.  This is the final board:

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