Awesome Games Coming in 2019 Part 3: Traditional Publishing

Awesome Games Coming in 2019 Part 3: Traditional Publishing

So it comes to the final section of our 2019 preview, those games coming to our shelves via conventional publishing means and not crowd-funding. Last year it was a tricky part of the list to complete, this year it has been very difficult and a testament to just how much sway Kickstarter has over our board gaming hobby.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to check out our top picks for the games coming to Kickstarter over the coming months, and the games that we backed in the past that we are most looking forward to receiving this year. Also you can hear Andy and I discuss our top picks in our latest podcast episode.

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game

metal gear solid

I have a confession to make dear reader. Even though I have been playing video games since Citadel on the Acorn Electron, 2018 was my first experience with a Metal Gear game, courtesy of Metal Gear Solid V on the PS4. The timing is perfect, because I played it just in time to get excited for the new Metal Gear Solid board game from IDW Games and Emerson Matsuuchi.

You may have heard of Emerson Matsuuchi, because he is the designer of the Century series of games (Spice Road, Eastern Wonder, etc.) but also the designer of Specter Ops, my favourite hidden movement board game. Seeing as how Emerson Matsuuchi has never designed a bad game in my eye, I’m confident that Metal Gear is in good hands.

Unlike Specter OPs, Metal Gear Solid will be a fully cooperative game, as players take on the role of Snake and his chums as they attempt to sneak past AI controlled bad guys. Just like the video games, we are too that the board game will be rather open, allowing you multiple paths to achieve your objective.

Century: A New World

Century: A New World

Speaking of Emerson Matsuuchi and the Century series of games, I can hand on heart honestly say I am really excited to play final part in the Century Trilogy, Century: A New World.

There’s very little in the way of details currently available on what A New World will entail, the game doesn’t even have a boardgamegeek page yet. But based on Spice Road and Eastern Wonder, we can be confident that it will involve converting resources from one type to another in order to fulfil contracts. What we don’t know as yet is how those conversions will be organised.

Rumour has it that the game is planned for release at Origins 2019. Fingers crossed we get an early release at UK Games Expo 2019!

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps!

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps!

Stop yer grinnin’ and drop yer linen folks, because Gale Force Nine are coming out with a new game based on Aliens—one of my favourite movies of all time. Another Glorious Day in the Corps will have you spearheading the rescue attempt on LV-426 as you take your team of misfit marines into Hadley’s Hope and the Alien nest.

Another Day in the Corps is being brought to us by Gale Force Nine so is going to use stills from the movie in place of artwork, but we are going to get miniatures of the marines and aliens. I’m really hoping this is going to be a great game, especially after the lacklustre response for AvP.

Pandemic Legacy Season 3

pandemic legacy

If you are a regular listener to the Polyhedron Collider Cast, you will be painfully aware that we have been unable to manage even finishing the first season of Pandemic Legacy. We did, however, really enjoy it, and although stressful due to our ineptitude (as the world collapses around us) it has been an amazing experience so far.

This does mean that we at Polyhedron Collider have not got round to playing season 2 and we better get our skates on because season 3 is just around the corner.  Designer Rob Daviau, in an interview with Tabletop Gaming Magazine, stated that Pandemic Legacy was designed to be three chapters, with chapter 2 being the dark middle.  This suggests that season 3 will be set after the events of season 2, and so will take place far into earth's future.

Mechanics, details and even an official announcement are not available at this time, but the previous seasons have been released just in time for Essen, so expect this game to hit shelves around October.



I have it on very good authority, from our very own Andy Lewis in fact, that Plaid Hat’s Stuffed Fables is really rather good. Which gives us plenty of reason to be really interested in the upcoming Comanauts, as its based on a similar game system.

You would have never thought coma patient would be one of the most popular themes over the last couple of years, but Comanuats is now the third game (after the Trouble Life of Billy Kerr and BLAH) in which you, treat a coma patient to solve a problem. The stakes couldn’t be any higher as tucked away somewhere in BLIGG’s mind is the key to saving the world, so take on the role of a cowboy or a rocking horse (?) and prepare for a weird adventure.

The game is based on Plaid Hat’s adventure book system , a spiral bound tome that allows you to play the game on one page while engaging in the story on the other. Throw in a bit of ‘choose your own path’ and a branching storyline and you’ve hopefully got a hit.

Detective: L.A. Crimes

Detective: L.A. Crimes

It’s fair to say that we are a bit of a fan of Portal’s Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, here at Polyhedron Collider, which is why we’re excited to play its first expansion.  And it’s not just an excuse to rewatch Beverly Hills Cop, because the next three case files are heading to LA and back to the 80s.

We really don’t know much more than that, and to be honest, we prefer it that way, because the less we know about the case before going in, the more fun it will be. The only thing I’m hoping is that the Antares interface has been downgraded to look like an old IBM.

Sierra West

sierra west

Before getting into the tabletop gaming, I had never come across the word 'tableu', I just thought someone was trying to sound posh when saying table.  It’s nice to know I’ve added a new word to my vocabulary.

I also doubt that many of the American pioneers who headed west in search of gold, knew of the word tableau and that is exactly who you will be managing in Board & Dice’ upcoming game, Sierra West.

You’ll be building a little mountain of cards, each giving you access to different actions and resources. The twist is that the cards and and the board are placed so that they overlap, covering up actions and resources, limiting what you can do each turn but allowing you to tweak you game as your play.

Black Angel

Black Angel

Ian O’Toole is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in board game art, but with Black Angel, I think Mr O’Toole may have dropped some serious acid before taking brush to canvas (or pen to tablet).

You will take the role of one of the many AIs controlling the Black Angel, a vast genetic ark, chock full of the heritage of humanity as it travels across the stars in search of a planet suitable for human colonisation. The Black Angel is finally approaching the planet Spes and the AIs are in competition to see who will run the colony once it is established.

Wacky Races

CMON wacky races

I realise that there is a good chance that many people will have forgotten about Hanna-Barbera's Wacky Races. The show was old when I was a kid, and I’m ancient!

For those too young to remember, Wacky Races involved a whole host of cartoon characters racing some crazy cars.  Of course the race was nowhere near conventional and would usually be sabotaged at the hands of the villainous Dick Dastardly and his useless sidekick Muttley. The great news is that CMON are bringing this fine institution to a gaming table to you this year.

Players will be able to take the role of their favourite racer, with the exception of Dick Dastardly in the Mean Machine, who is controlled by the game. Players will play cards to overcome the terrain of the track as well as avoid Dastardley’s traps. It’s certainly a bright and colourful game, and the deluxe version comes with pre-painted version of all the iconic cars.

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth

Talk about being saved by the bell! Fantasy Flight Games have quite literally just announced a new board game based on Lord of the Rings, and to say I’m excited is an understatement. Fantasy Flight have of course teased us with a flashy video and more renders than a plasterers showroom.

Blending elements of Gloomhaven, Fallout and Mansions of Madness, Journeys in Middle Earth will have you taking control of the iconic fellowship as you investigate the shadows in Mirkwood and Mordor.  The game will involve overland exploration and deep dungeon combat against all manner of goblins and cave trolls and the entire adventure is app driven, hopefully meaning that there is a wealth of mystery and multiple paths in this story led campaign.

Journeys in Middle Earth is due second quarter of 2019, so hopefully in time for the UK Games Expo!
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