Kickstarter Highlights 14/5/2019 - Kingmaker, Kingswood, Hostage Negotiator & 18Chesapeake

Kickstarter Highlights Kingmaker, Kingswood, Hostage Negotiator, 18Chesapeake
After a short, Bloodborne induced break to the Kickstarter Highlights we’re back talking Kings, Woods, Hostages and Trains.  

We have RPGs, light games, 18XX games and Solo games.  Also, for the first time we’re bring to your attention a game that is crowdfunding somewhere other than Kickstarter…


Kickstarter Highlights Revised Kingmaker

Paizo Inc and Legendary Games have teamed up to bring Kingmaker up to speed with not only Pathfinder 2nd Edition but also Dungeon & Dragons fifth edition.  Further to that though, and perhaps more importantly, the campaign will collect and expand upon the 6 original and out of print Kingmaker campaign books and will add all sorts of options.  The main objective is to collate and update the game, after 10 years of player and GM advice the nuts and bolts have been tightened and make it Pathfinder Second Edition ready, however, there are also options for those who still play and prefer first edition or prefer to play D&D 5e with the Kingmaker Bestiary in both formats.   

With just over a week left, Kingmaker is almost 400% funded with both PDF and hardcover backing level options as well as a host of cool add-ons, surely this is a must for all role play gamers.


Kickstarter Highlights Kingswood

This game makes use of a combination of Action Selection and Rondel, where players will have to use a shared adventurer to move around the dias of actions taking both the starting location action and the end location action.  The careful manipulation of this will vex and stall your opponents as you lap up glory and treasure. 

The light, fun artwork looks really very quaint and works well with the theme and style of game, and all for £19 puts this well within punt territory for a gateway rondel game. 

Hostage Negotiator: Career

Kickstarter Highlights Hostage Negotiator Career

I’ve been sorely tempted by Hostage Negotiator for a long time.  I had a little demo of this from a friend who loves his solo games and he couldn’t speak highly enough about it.  Now, the overarching story is coming to a close with a final twist we’re told in Hostage Negotiator: Career.  However you will need all of the previous add-ons and expansions to play this...luckily the Commissioner Pledge just for that...for 100 rips.

That all being said, what this final expansion creates is an epic replayable 10 year campaign encompassing not only the negotiations but also the key life events that fall between them, including Career Choices which required a special “Decoder” to read once you’ve made your choice.  Colour me very, very interested in this mechanism and game on the whole.    


Kickstarter Highlights 18Chesapeake

Playing a 2 ½ to  3 ½ hour game about building train routes and playing the stock market would not have sounded like a fun way to spend my time a few years ago, now however the idea of the careful and deliberate placement of tiles, the considered and calculated purchasing of stocks and shares to run a public company is, well, tantalizing.  

The thing that drew me to 18Chesapeake is that it is billed as an “Introductory 18xx Board Game” and that it is playable at 2 players (something that is apparently unusual in 18xx games).  The appeal of these longer, heavier games is something that is growing within me, and I’ve heard many things about 18xx games that piqued my interest, but, to be completely honest with you, I’ve found the genre a little intimidating.  Could his be the game to get me started on this type of game?  If you have any thoughts on 18xx games and recommendations I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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