Kickstarter Highlights 21/5/2019 Gloomhaven Playmats, Fantasy Football Lizardmen and SPACE Invaders

Kickstarter Highlights SPACE INVADERS

Will we play Gloomhaven more frequently when Steve backs the Crafting Kingdom campaign?  Will I ever actually get around to painting these incredible fantasy football miniatures?  Can you actually destroy all the aliens in the competitive board game version of SPACE INVADERS?

In short, the answer is we don’t know (probably not) but that won’t stop us backing these projects in this week’s Kickstarter Highlights. 

The Non-Official Playmats Compatible with Gloomhaven

Kickstarter Highlights Gloomhaven Play Mats Unofficial

Crafting Kingdoms have designed some really wonderful looking play mats for use with Gloomhaven.  There are hero and monster mats, and each is available in different sizes - the larger of which will enable players to neatly and thematically keep their play area neat and organised.

These are pretty deluxe products, using 2.5 mm thick neoprene with an anti-slip rubber base and just looking at these makes me want to play Gloomhaven again.

Primal Scales

Kickstarter Highlights Primal Scales Fantasy Football Teams

After talking about Blood Bowl on the last podcast I got a little excited when I saw these 3rd party alternative teams.  What is essential Lizardmen, frog men and a badass female human team.  Not only that, but, Greebo Games are including a handful of Kickstarter Exclusive models with each team, as well as blank player cards.  They’ve even gone so far as to sculpt referees, cheerleaders and coaching staff for each team too!  

Space Invaders - The Board Game

Kickstarter Highlights SPACE INVADERS 40th Anniversary

This needs little introduction, but in the sake of completeness, this is the classic 40 year old arcade game turned board game.  Yes, the campaign video is a little cheesy and retro—I think it’s supposed to be—but this allows a multiplayer game of defending the planet from those pesky side moving aliens.

If you haven’t seen this yet the art is exactly as you would (and should) hope for capturing the essence of original game.  The Kickstarter version carries with it the official TAITO SPACE INVADERS 40th Anniversary Emblem and along with the Kickstarter Exclusive, such as deluxe components, that you won’t be able to pick up anywhere after the campaign.  
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