Kickstarter Highlights 17th June

Kickstarter Highlights - Dig Your Way Out, Jurassic World Miniatures Game Escape the Dark Sector Storymasters Tales Weirding Woods Two Robots

You visit the Polyhedron Collider website looking for some game recommendations and you know that not only do those chaps have excellent taste in boardgames they are also on the very bleeding edge of what is cool in board gaming.

After reading the weekly Kickstarter highlights do you:
  1. Back all of the games mentioned
  2. Back all of the games except that really dodgy looking one.
  3. Make your own, careful, considered and informed choice.
  4. Stuff it all and go balls deep for the T-Rex mini that you are absolutely sure you'll day.

Dig Your Way Out

Kickstarter Highlights - Dig Your Way Out

There are a few reasons why I’m taking a good hard look at Dig Your Way Out.
  1. The artwork from The Mico looks typically very, very cool
  2. A game about a jail break is something I need in my collection
  3. This game is going to have plenty of take-that, it’s going to rely on a lot of memory and bluffing but in a more tangible and strategic way then many memory games.  
  4. There looks to be a number of avenues to attempt in order to escape and thus win, each with its own risk and reward.
  5. Including shipping its only £35, putting it squarely in “Punt Territory” - it’s also being manufactured in France so none of those nasty tariffs if you’re in the US.

Escape the Dark Sector

Kickstarter Highlights - Escape the Dark Sector

This is the follow up to the very successful Escape the Dark Castle, but as you can probably guess from the title and image, it’s now a Sci-Fi game.  In a nutshell, the Escape the Dark series is a quick, light and pretty exciting co-op game heavily influenced by the choose your own adventure series of books.  Each page you encounter will give you choices on how to progress, attack, interact etc. with a very quick and easy dice based combat system.  

What Sector adds to this mix is several new and very cool-looking concepts including ‘Story Acts’ which change the difficulty and complexity of the Chapter cards, thus creating a stronger sense of narrative and of course this being a sci-fi game there is also the introduction of ranged combat.

This game oozes retro cool, just take a look at the video/advert and you’ll see what I mean.

Storymaster’s Tales “Weirding Woods”

Kickstarter Highlights - Storymasters Tales Weirding Woods

Staying with this mechanic of “Choose Your Own Adventure”, RPG and  board game mashups is Storymaster’s Tales.  This game allows you to create a unique character and then upon choosing an adventure arrange your map of story cards and begin adventuring.  You’ll be faced with a myriad of options as the cards intertwine to result in different stories.

As with other previous campaigns there is also an option to back with narrated Soundscapes for bonus atmosphere!

Two Robots

Kickstarter Highlights - Two Robots

This is a rules-light set collection game of building robots and kicking seven-shades out of your opponents.  Two Robots features multiple win conditions, last man standing or being the first to build two robots.  However, the crux of the game comes from managing your robot production lines as each robot needs legs, body, head and arms but you’ll want to build more robots than you need with extra limbs ensure you can deliver a finished product as throughout the game every action, attack or defense can have a cost.

From what I can see and hear, there is more to this game then simply collecting cartoon robot cards, there will (I hope) be a degree of thought and planning as you try to best maximise your chances.  Have a look, and see what you think.

Jurassic World

Kickstarter Highlights - Jurassic World Miniature Wargame

Now, I’m not saying that the Jurassic World Miniature Game is dodgy as a 90s britpop band that was good enough for you and good enough for me, but, the words “Jurassic”, “World”, “Miniature”, “Game” and “Dodgy” do all appear in the same sentence (twice in fact).

In fairness to these first time publishers
“Jurassic Park Miniature Game is in development and subject to licensor approval.”
But if you want your chance at a 104mm T-Rex model then check it out.

Also, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.
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