Kickstarter Highlights 25th June

Kickstarter Highlights Boardgame Hot Top Picks Trouble in Templetown, Endeavor Age of Expansion, Isle of Cats, Die Macher

As always, we at Collider Towers have our collective fingers pressed to the pulse of Kickstarter Board Games.  We are on the very bleeding edge of what is hot and that is why we can tell you about amazing current Kickstarters but also campaigns that begin in the very near future that we think you'll want to keep your eye on.

This week we look to defend the body from infection in Trouble in Templetown, explore new ways to win with the expansion for the rather excellent Endeavor.  There's polyomino cats in Isle of Cats and a reprint for the very first game entered into the BGG database.

Trouble in Templetown

Kickstarter Highlights - Trouble in Templetown

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Your body is a temple, and it’s under attack.  That’s the very short premises of the game.  Trouble in Templetown is a rules light, fast paced and family friendly co-op game of white cell defending against a range of bacteria and viruses.  The theme along with the cartoony art  screams a very rich thematic game.

You'll have to work together to build immunity walls and at the same time fight off growing infections before the big bad, Frankie Bola wrecks the joint.

Endeavor: Age of Expansion

Kickstarter Highlights - Endeavor Age of Expansion

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Not only is Endeavor a belting game, but it also won last year’s Andy’s Insert of Choice Award.  So, a cracking expansion for a belting game can only be a bloody good thing.  Especially when said expansion is only £21

Age of Expansion replaces the existing buildings and cards and provides players with a whole new way to experience the game with brand new challenges.

And!  Because Burnt Island Games are right little show offs and they loved Andy’s award so much, this expansion comes with a built in storage solution - all these new tiles, well they’re double sided so you can literally pop the old one out and put the new one in.  Good job guys.

Good job.

Isle of Cats

Kickstarter Highlights - Isle of Cats

Frank has been playing these cats pretty close to his chest about this project, but even as a "Dog Person" (because dogs are the best) I have to say this game looks awesome.

Frank's aim here was to provide a polyonimo game that has more depth and more choices than others of it's genre like Cottage Garden, Bärenpark and Copenhagen but not with the super heavy weight of games like Feast for Odin.

Further to this, Isle of Cats has two play modes, supporting a more family friendly version and then then bolt on some extra conditions and a new deck of cards and you'll have yourself a crunchy affair enough to satisfy the more seasoned gamer.

Die Macher

Kickstarter Highlights - Die Macher

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Die Macher, or Board Game Geeks first game (literally, the first game entered into the BGG database when it was set up).  This super heavy Euro game about leading a German political party is coming back as a Kickstarter exclusive (sort of, "if the demand is there, it "might" come to retail after the Kickstarter backers have theirs - according to Stephen Buonocore on the latest episode of Board Game Insider).

It's a bit of a grail game and with this potential KS exclusivity this might be your best chance to get your hands on a copy of it.
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