Kickstarter Highlights - Company of Heroes, Shiver Me Timbers, Iron Clays & Spades, Icaion, Sensor Ghosts and Atlantis Miniatures

Kickstarter Highlights - Company of Heroes, Shiver Me Timbers, Iron Clays and Spades, Icaion and Sensor Ghosts

We all want Batman.  

Of course we do.  It goes without saying.

In fact, we all want to be Batman - just imagine how many games you could fit into the Batcave (not to mention always having a butler to play games with). Although you’d probably never make game night.  Anyway, Aside from the Gotham City Chronicles Season 2 campaign that will set you back just over £500 (for seasons 1 & 2 or as I like to think of it “half a thousand” - just to help remind myself that I can’t possibly spend that much money on a board game) there are a bunch of other fantastic looking games for your consideration.

Pirates, war heroes, robots, fancy-pants poker chips and a desperate race through space are all offered up from our ramshackle panel of judges here at Collider Towers for your Kickstarter considerations.

Company of Heroes

Kickstarter Highlights - Company of Heroes

Based on the extremely popular PC game Company of Heroes the Board Game attempts to capture and distill the video game onto the tabletop.  With either turn based or real-time style of play available and multiple game modes, you’ll be in command of either Allied or Nazi forces as your romp around the board defending control points, entering and securing buildings, destroying other buildings and generally blowing the enemy to smitherines.  

This war game is predominantly deterministic with very few dice rolls making it all about manoeuvring and tactics, making use of your various units - which upgrade throughout the game and unlocking new buildings and units to help crush your opponents!

Shiver me Timbers

Kickstarter Highlights - Shiver Me Tibers

This is a sandbox pirate themed game which has really caught my attention.  The game boasts an open world with multiple paths to victory.  Players are free to complete quests from the governor, attack other ships (both player and non-player ships), raid fortresses, trade and even fight sea monsters.

On top of that not only is the board fully modular to aid in creating this freedom of exploration but the ship miniatures are also modular, allowing players to customise and upgrade their vessels to suit their needs and style of play.

That’s right: Modular Miniatures.  Check out the campaign page to see what I’m talking about.

Iron Clays & Spades

Kickstarter Highlights - Iron Clays and Spades Luxury poker Chips

If you had to guess which member of Polyhedron Collider has offered up this super fancy, board game-pimping, deluxe gaming accessory you wouldn’t need many guesses I’m sure.

Roxley Games have produced another set of “Iron Clay” poker chips after the success of their first campaign of this ilk back in 2017.  This time around there are some larger denominations 500 and 2,000, two fancy-as-hell wooden chest to keep all the chips in and then they went and designed some playing cards to ensure your poker night is the classiest poker night outside of a top-notch Vegas casino. 

These chips can also be used for a huge host of games replacing those poxy cardboard coins and tokens or even used as health trackers, which is nice.

Yes.  you’re right.  It’s Andy.


Kickstarter Highlights - Icaion

Icaion is a mid to lightweight Euro game of engine building, area control, resource management and pick-up and deliver as you play as scavengers that must venture into the wilds in search of treasures, artifacts and the game’s core resource a mysterious and powerful mineral, Qoam.

Not only does the game feature fantastic artwork (from Travis Anderson) and highly detailed miniatures, and the not so miniature Colossus but, as part of the Mysthea universe this game can be combined with Mysthea to create a ‘Conflux’ game, the Fall.  An epic co-op tower defence game that tells the story of how the floating cities fall to the ruined planet and the clash and cooperation of two civilisations.

Quite frankly, it looks incredible. 

Sensor Ghosts

Kickstarter Highlights - Sensor Ghosts

Sensor Ghosts is the sequel to Assembly from Wren games.  This game picks up at the end of the former, as you’ve escaped the space station and are en route back to Earth.  However, your emergency vessel isn’t quite up to scratch (or perhaps the virus managed to get on board) as now you have to navigate the asteroid field with dodgy sensors.

Work with your co-pilot to avoid asteroids, take only the boosts that will actually help and above all don’t fly into any obstructed sectors.  You’ll crash, die and more importantly lose the game.  Oh, and while you’re on your way you’ll need to pick up some samples of the virus or the Earth’s defence system will shoot you down.

This seemingly simple game of navigating from A to B becomes way more difficult when the “board” keeps changing.  It’s a really tight design and a cracking little co-op or solo puzzle.

Atlantis Miniatures: Wood Elves

Kickstarter Highlights Atlantis Miniatures Wood Elves

Campaign Link
This campaign caught my eye last month because I’m a sucker for cool minis and elves.

And then I saw Atlantis Miniatures at the UK Games Expo.

Wow!  I was utterly blown away by them.  It was one of those stands that I couldn’t walk past.    Maybe you have a Wood Elf army and need a new and different spell caster, or perhaps you’ve decided it’s about time you got a kick ass mini to use during your D&D games this is certainly worth a look (and so is their online store, I’m a big fan of the dwarf mounted on a war bear).

Incidentally, these models are all designed, molded and made in the UK.  Which is nice. 

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