News Collider 26th June - D&D Acquisitions Inc and Comic Books, Osprey RPGS, GenCons Trademark and no more cheating at Monopoly

News Collider Board Game News Dungeon and Dragons Comics Acquisitions Incorporated Kinderspiel Winner Osprey RPGs GenCon Trademark

The News Ferrets have returned from their week-long news-pilgrimage with a bountiful array of news morsels for you to enjoy.

They return asking questions like "Where IS the home of Tabletop gaming?", "Should we join the Acquisition Incorporated franchise? Do they have medical insurance" and "Should we be Arthurian Knights or Cavemen first?" 

Acquisitions Incorporated

News Collider Board Game News Dungeons and Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated DnD

It's finally here! Now you can add a wealth of ludicrous adventures and characters to your D&D 5E world with this Penny Arcade and Dungeons & Dragons cross over publication.

This campaign book includes everything you'll need to set yourselves up as part of the Acquisitions Incorporated franchise, getting involved in all sorts of peril and many a wild heist.  There’s a new character class, of office based roles to take on board and even new spells. The book also includes a new adventure taking players from levels 1 to 6.

You can buy it from amazon as well as your local gaming shop!

GenCon: The Home of Tabletop Gaming

News Collider Board Game News GenCon the Home of Tabletop Gaming

Is GenCon the real home of Tabletop Gaming? The organisers certainly think so.  They've been using that phrase since 2013 and earlier this year an application was submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office to make it official   the claim will be published for opposition in July.

Kinderspiel Des Jahres Winner

News Collider Board Game News Kinderspiel Winner Valley of the Vikings

Valley of the Vikings from Haba has won this year's 2019 Children's Game of the Year award.  Designed by Marie and Wilfried Fort this coconut shy style dexterity game beat back the competition of Go, Gecko Go! and Fabulantica.

Monopoly Voice Banking

News Collider Board Game News Monopoly Voice Banking

Hasbro have thrown down the gauntlet.  Monopoly Voice Banking takes care of all the housekeeping.  No more cash, no more cards just a plastic top hat with a speaker and a microphone.  The challenge? How do you cheat now?

Osprey Launch New RPG Series

News Collider Board Game News Osprey Publishing RPG

This November will see UK book and board game publisher Osprey spread its Wings into the world of RPGs.  The first two are Romance of the Perilous Land:  A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore and Paleomythic.

The first will see you adventuring across the British Isles alongside King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table thwarting giants, monsters and evil sorcerers.

The second will have you playing as cavemen and women trying to survive the perils and dangers faced by early man.

Both will be squarely in punt territory at around £30 each.


New Dungeons & Dragons Comics

News Collider Board Game News Dungeon and Dragons COmics Graphic Novels A Darkened Wish Boo Miniature Giant Space Hamster

A new D&D Graphic novel and promotional comic are inbound.  Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish follows the path of wizard Helene and her friends as they prove themselves worthy of the title of heroes as they trek across the Moonshae Isles.  Written by B. Dave Walters and drawn by Tess Fowler, published in November by IDW.

The 100-pager promotional comic, written by Jim Zubb with art by Max Dunbar collects the Baldur’s Gates comics and follows the famed ranger, Minsc and a new rag-tag bunch of adventurers that include Boo, the Miniature Giant Space Hamster.

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