News Collider - Board Game News 5/6/2019

News Collider Board Game News 5/6//2019

The dust of another UK Games Expo has settled and I'm now back to news ferret wrangling.  As it so happens the news ferrets managed to root out some delicious tidbits of upcoming releases.

In this week we can tell you a little about the games we know are coming, unfortunately there is a still some fallout to the whole Projared stuff and how the UK Games Expo organiser's threw the ban-hammer hard at the DM who just wanted to shock and upset people.

UK Games Expo Reveals

There were a number of games announced at UK Games expo this weekend that we, at Polyhedron Collider, were fortunate to get a bit of a sneak peak at.

Board Game News  Board and Dice Yedo Reprint

Board & Dice announced a reprint of 2012’s Yedo - the heavy strategy game set in the city of Edo during the early 1600’s.  The new deluxe version will not only feature brand new artwork and new components but also some modular expansions and the ability to play the game with little-to-no “negative player interaction”.  Yedo will becoming to Kickstarter later this year.

Board Game News  Trismegistus  Daniele Tascini Board and Dice Announcement

Another game Board & Dice revealed was Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula the next game from Daniele Tascini (you know, Danny T, Tzolk’in, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Teotihuacan). A dice and resource manipulation where players are alchemists trying to transmute metals and other materials into gold. Trismegistus will be coming direct to retail around Essen.

Board Game News  Isle of Cats Frank West City of Games Announcement

Finally, Frank West took us behind the magic screen at UK Games Expo and gave us a look and overview of Isle of Cats.  All we can say currently is that the game features cats and that Andy has already threatened to have his cats piss all over the copies for added cat authenticity.

Dice! Camera! Action! Officially on Hiatus

Board Game News Dice Camera Action Cancelled

Wizards of the Coast announced via Twitter on Friday that the hugely popular D&D web series, DMed by Chris Perkins, Dice! camera! Action! will be taking a break for several weeks.  Plan’s are afoot to bring another show back, with Perkins once again at the helm, along with returning cast member Anna Prosser, albeit with a new character ready for new adventures.

The news follows the very messy and very public break-up of former Waffle Crew member Jared Knabenbauer (Projared) just prior to the D&D Live 2019 event.

Until it’s return D&D will be chucking some one-shot stuff in to fill the time slot, or you can check out the Polyhedron Plays D&D on Thursday nights instead. 

UK Games Expo RPG Scandal

Board Game News  RPG Gang Rape UK Games Expo DM Ban

During one of the many RPG events held as part of the UK Games Expo last weekend, one of the volunteer DMs included content in his game that was wildly inappropriate, disturbing and broke every code of conduct set out by the organisers.

A woman and her younger brother sat down to play an adventure in the Tales from the Loop setting, the DM then began the story with informing the players that their characters had been kidnapped and gang-raped.  The DM “enjoyed the shock factor of it"

When the organisers found out they took swift and decisive action, stopping his game (unfortunately not that one), evicting him from the show, an imposing a lifetime ban.  The players who experience the game had received unreserved apologies and have been offered any other support needed by the UK Games Expo.

Netflix and Magic the Gathering

Board Game News Netflix and Magic the Gathering Anime

If you are not already excited about this next article by the headline it’s about to get a little bit more awesome.

Joe and Anthony Russo - you know, they chaps who directed Marvel Avengers Endgame will be the executive producers of this 2-D, “anime-style” cartoon. Yoriaki Mochizuki (story artist for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse) will take the role of supervising director and even the writing team have shows like Star Wars Rebels, The Tick and Agent Carter to their credits. 

The story will expand on the Planeswalkers setting and no release date has been suggested yet.

Actual Baldur’s Gate 3

Board Game News Larian Studios Baldurs Gate 3

Last week, the makers of video game Divinity: Original Sin 2, Larian Studios revealed that they have officially partnered up with Wizards of the Coast to bring gamers the long awaited third chapter of the Baldur’s Gate series of games.  Currently that’s all we know but we can hope for some more nuggets of information at E3 next week.

Asmodee Launches Gamegenic

Board Game News Asmodee Game Supplies Studio Gamegenic

After the announcement of Asmodee’s fiction imprint, Aconyte, the next bolt-on studio has been announced.  Gamegenic is to specialize in gaming accessories, including dice, card sleeves, playmats and so on.  The range will be suited for both new and established gamers with the first of its range arriving on 1st August supporting Keyforge.

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