Kickstarter Highlights 16th July

Kickstarter Highlights - Kaldori, Seasons of Rice, Dino Genics Controlled Chaos, Britannia

I think I need to have a word with Steve about Danger Pay.  You see, it’s pretty dangerous having to scour Kickstarter each week purposely looking for campaigns to bring to your attention.  Projects that catch my eye and imagination.  Games that have fantastic miniatures and fancy-pants components, game trayz and exclusives.  Games that kindle a longing, the absence of which I can feel when I look at my game shelf.

Yes, it’s dangerous looking and rarely touching these pretties, and most dangerous of all is the never ending stream of great looking games onKickstarter, these are but a few of our favourites...   


Kickstarter Highlights - DinoGenics Controlled Chaos

I’ve been seeing the DinoGenics crop up on various social media platforms more frequently recently and the more I see it, the more annoyed I am at past Rory for not backing the first printing.  But all is okay now, as Present Rory has a chance to fix this mistake by backing the second printing. This time with added water dinos too.

This is a worker placement game about building a dinosaur theme park, and the expansion adds new ways to stuff over your opponents, more routes to victory, refined DNA and water dinos!

Campaign Ends 8th August

Seasons of Rice

Kickstarter Highlights - Seasons of Rice

Button Shy Games are a very small publisher based in New Jersey that have set themselves the challenge of releasing a new Wallet Game each month. Seasons of Rice is game 53 in this series of highly portable micro games.

Seasons of Rice is a two player card drafting and tableau building game that looks elegant, simple and fun, probably why it was a joint winner of the 2018 GanCant Design Contest.  With pledge options from a P&P for £2 and a printed copy complete with a vinyl wallet.

Campaign Ends 20th July


Kickstarter Highlights - Britannia

This is the second edition of Lewis Pulsipher’s 1986 heavy war game, Britannia but now with refreshed art and graphics, finely detailed plastic miniatures (obviously, it’s published by the Plastic Soldier Company) and, most interestingly, a double sided board allowing for a two-player variant.

Covering British history from the Roman invasion to the Norman Conquests, players control several nations and leaders as they march through time and the British Isles making it their own.  

Campaign Ends 1st August

The Kaldori

Kickstarter Highlights - Kaldori

It wouldn’t be a Kickstarter Highlights without a tabletop RPG (which we are all getting a little bit addicted to here at Collider Towers).  This campaign is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition add on, providing players and dungeon masters a host of new items, locations, monsters and main quest, all set in the world of Kaldori.

At just £21 for both the Games Master’s Book and Player’s Handbook it's a little bit too tempting (for Steve)

Campaign Ends 9th August

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in last week's Kickstarter Highlights:
Kickstarter Highlights - Dice Hospital Expansion Communtuty Care,Crypt X, Pret A Porter, Talespire Hot Projects Campaigns

Crypt X ends 18th July
Prêt-à-Porter ends July 22nd 
Super Secret Spy Agency ends 24th July
Dwellings of Eldervale ends July 25th
Daring Dustbunnies ends 1st August
TaleSpire ends 8th August
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