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News Collider - Board Game News Kickstarter Guidelines, Dragonmeet Tickets On Sale, Ticket To Ride TV Show, US China Trade Ware Suspended

A short but important News Collider this week where we collectively breathe a sigh of relief regarding the US/China Trade War, raise an eyebrow over the updated Kickstarter guidelines for creators and scratch our heads in puzzlement at what exactly a Ticket To Ride Reality TV show looks like.

US Toy & Game Tariffs Suspended

News Collider - US China Trade War Cease Fire

President Donald Trump met with President Xi Jimping at the G-20 Summit in Osaka over the weekend and the big take-away, as far as we gamers are concerned is that the 25% tariff hike has been put on hold.  The black cloud that has lingered over the hobby since its arrival in May hasn’t been completely swept away though.  The core issues around this Trade War are still very much in limbo, and further negotiations and future compromises will be needed to settle it once and for all.

Ticket To Ride TV Show

News Collider - Ticket to Ride TV Show

Last year, Asmodee launched Asmodee Entertainment, a division of the company devoted to developing content based on the company's various Intellectual Properties that would include TV, movies and comics and so forth.  Now, partnered with Propagate the first TV show based on a board game is coming and it’s from one of their biggest games, Ticket to Ride.

Details are still a little scarce but we do know it will be a reality style TV show pitting 5 teams against one another as they attempt to overcome "epic challenges" whilst racking up the most miles traveled by land, sea and air.

Updated Kickstarter Guidelines

News Collider - Kickstarter Guidlines Updated

How many publishers are currently breaking Kickstarter's updated guidance on transparency?

Lots and lots.

Recently, Kickstarter Updated their "recommendations" and guidance on Honest and Clear Presentation in Projects

Bare in mind that

failure to honestly and clearly present your campaign may result in a range of actions, from your project being ineligible for promotion to account restrictions or even project suspension.

Some of the highlights of these updates are that publishers do none of the following:

  • Use photorealistic renderings anywhere within your project.
  • Add popularity badges, such as “Funded in 5 hours!” to your project’s images, videos, or description.
  • Make assumptions about whether you’ll be able to sell your product after Kickstarter, such as by referring to its retail value (ex. “50% off retail price” or “35% off MSRP”)
  • Use superlatives or puffery to describe your project, such as “the world’s best / smallest / fastest / first / etc.” or “the ultimate / unrivaled / revolutionary / etc.”

It will be very interesting to see how, when and against whom Kickstarter will impose these rules against and who they won't.

Dragonmeet Tickets On Sale

News Collider - Dragonmeet Tickets On Sale

Dragonmeet is one of the final boardgame conventions of the year, and it's one I've been attending for a few years now giving me the opportunity to see and play games in an early states of development that come to Kickstarter the following year.

It's a great one day con with loads going on and its has been growing at a very steady rate each year.  This year, Saturday November 30th Dragonmeet takes over 4 floors of the  NOVOTEL, in Hammersmith and it's still only £10 if you book in advance!

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