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Much like a game of Monopoly, the world of board gaming news never stops (or should that be never ends?), so we’re here with yet another roundup of this week's hottest tabletop gaming news.

This week we’ve got news of Asmodee’s move into book publishing, walking round the annual potato on a stick festival for charity and Exploding Kittens getting a huge investment.

Marvel teams up with Aconyte

News Collider Marvel and Aconyte Asmodee publish prose superhero stories

Remember when we told you about Asmodee's new fiction imprint? That's okay, I don't blame you, at the time it was a bit of a placeholder story, but now it's finally getting fleshed out as Marvel and Asmodee announce another collaboration (after the new Marvel LCG and miniatures game).  

Beginning in autumn (fall for our American readers) 2020, Aconyte will publish a range of prose stories of a number of Marvel superheroes.  Legends of Asgard has been teased by Marc Gasgoine, alongside a range of books covering the lives of some lesser known students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

We'll have to wait until next year to get the full list of titles Aconyte intend to publish but this is another landmark step for both companies and could spell more interesting news on the horizon…

Go to Essen and raise money for charity

News Collider - Board and Dice Charity Fund Raising Walk the Halls at Essen

Publisher Board & Dice are doing something great and easy.  
  • The great bit: Raising money for charity (with your help)
  • The easy bit: all you have to do is walk around the halls at Essen.

I know, you were going to be doing that anyway so why not help out the EFC – The Roman Czernecki’s Educational Foundation while you're at it.  

To get involved simply head over to the Board & Dice website to sign up for 10 Euros, and then during your time there track how many steps you walk.  On the Sunday, swing by Hall 2 C112 and pick up your medal.

Thirty Million Dollars Invested in Exploding Kittens

News Collider - Exploding Kittens gets a 30 million dollar investment

TCG Capital Management has invested $30 Million into the boardgame publisher who brought us Exploding Kittens, Bears Vs Babies and You've Got Crabs.

After raising over $8 million on Kickstarter back in 2015, Exploding Kittens Inc. have continued to grab attention with their range of party games and have gone on to establish a very strong brand, so much so that they've been recognised as a “solid investment in a  fast-growing segment of the media industry" according to TCG co-founder, Jesse Jacobs.

Long Awaited Kickstarter Updates

The much beloved crowdfunding platform has made some further tweaks to improve its performance.  Foremost amongst these tweaks is Threaded Comments.  Something that has irked me since I first started using Kickstarter on a regular basis was how difficult (I found it) was to have a conversation or discussion in the comments.  Asking questions and being able to easily find the answer, or just having a lark with other backers I found to be unnecessarily difficult.  But no longer, so I’m interested to see how much fun this corner of the board gaming community is.

You may have previously noticed publishers post preview pages just before a campaign goes live, the change introduced here means publishers can create a full preview for things like proof reading, layout queries etc. or simply a banner advert which keeps the “Notify Me” option for those backers that don’t want to miss day one.

The final change is another one aimed at creators, allowing them to embed and more seamlessly link social media content for Instagram, Facebook etc.

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