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Board Game News Collider Cards Against Humanity Open Cafe,RIP Francis Tresham, New Cluedo Room, Essen Thefts

Essen has come and gone once again and with it there is the repeat of thefts from stands.  There's more sad news with the passing of a pioneer of boardgame design, Francis Tresham.  Chicago is getting a new and very fancy board game cafe January 2020 from the folks who gave us Cards Against Humanity and the Cluedo board gets n update after seventy years of murders at Tudor Manor (not Steve's house).

More Spiel Thefts

News Collider - Board Game News Essen Thefts Aagain EmporerS4

Another Essen Spiel another set of stall thefts.  Last year Hub Games and Atipia were hit, this year it was Emperor S4 Games (who do the rather excellent Hanamikoji) who were relieved of around 3,000 Euros.  Much of the trouble, we are led to believe, stems from poor WiFi within the Messe and the German culture not embracing cards as a payment method, meaning cash is king in the halls and sticky fingers can quite easily find their mark.  Also, with over 200,000 people crowding the halls physically policing the world’s largest board game convention is a near impossible task.

Cards Against Humanity Open a Board Game Cafe

News Collider - Board Game News Cards Against Humanity Open Cafe

The people who brought us Cards Against Humanity are opening a Board Game Cafe in the Logan Square area of Chicago.  However, this is going to quite a different gaming venue, separated from others of its kind not just by the menu available - a full restaurant style menu is on offer with dishes ranging from $14 to $60, and by the full bar, and the converted-bank-vault-come-game-library and will also feature 2 unique escape rooms hosted by The House Theatre of Chicago.  

Opening day is set as January 10th 2020 and aspirations are high to set a new standard of premium gaming venue.  

The New Cluedo Room is...

News Collider - Board Game News New Cluedo Room Announced Bathroom

A little while ago we brought you news of the competition Hasbro was running in conjunction with Houzz to swap out the Hall from the original Cluedo board and replace it with a new room. Results are in and it’s a bathroom.  This marks the second big change to the game in it’s seventy year history after replacing Mrs White with the Dr Orchid.

Francis Tresham

News COllider - Board Game News RIP Francis Tresham

Its with a sad heart that we have to announce that game designer Francis Tresham has died.  Tresham made his name designing several classic, and extremely heavy, games, including the original Civilization Board Game, released long before Sid Meier put code to screen and the first game in the 18XX series of games.

Board Game Business and Acquisitions

If you have a mind for the business side of board games here’s a quick note to say its all kicking off in France this past week.  First up is the announcement that Asmodee has acquired lui-meme, a publisher best known for their party games such as Skull.  
French publishing group, Hachette Livre, have entered into negotiations to acquire Blackrock Games, one of the largest French board game publishers.  This is the next step in the Hachette Boardgames division which also includes Gigamic, Studio H, and Funnyfox. 

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