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This week’s News Collider is a bit of a video game special, which may sound odd since Polyhedron Collider is all about tabletop games but there is a very strong link between the two here.  

We’re talking Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft, Monopoly, Catan and the most recent winner of the Golden Cube.

Wizards of the Coast Acquires Tuque Games

News Collider - Board Game NewsWizards of the Coast Acquires Tuque Dungeons and Dragons video game in development
Tuque Games are an indie video game studio based in Montreal, Canada, who have one game under their belt (Livelock) and have been working on a brand new Dungeons & Dragons game for the best part of this year.

Wizards of the Coast have acquired the studio as the work on the new co-op RPG steeped deep in D&D lore continues to develop with an eye to putting the studio to task in expanding their digital portfolio.

Baldur's Gate 3 Info and Art Revealed

News Collider - Board Game News - Baldurs Gate 3 New Art Work Mindflayer
If you haven’t already seen the Baldur’s Gate 3 trailer you should certainly check it out, but be warned, it contains Mindflayers!

New art released from developer Larian Studios shows a illithid floating down what appears to be a hallway of an alien vessel.  Its dark, foreboding and awesome, exactly as it should be.

Is this mindflayer aboard a Nautiloid?  If so it could hugely expand the range of Baldur’s Gate 3. We are still a long way from a release date but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be excited about it.

A Small World for Warcraft

News Collider - Board Game News - Small World Warcraft Reskin Themed
The classic and award-winning game of Small World is getting another shot in the arm, this time in the shape of a Warcraft reskin.  Revealed at BlizzCon, the work in progress game from Asmodee and Blizzard shows a Small Word type map and an assortment of Warcraft artwork races and power tokens.  

Due for release in the spring of 2020, we’ll no doubt see more information on this as the time approaches.

Immersive Monopoly Theater Coming to London

News Collider - Board Game News - Live-Action Immersive Monopoly Richard OBrien Rich Uncle Pennybags
Hasbro has partnered with Selladoor Worldwide to create a live-action and immersive Monopoly theatre experience.  In an as-yet-undisclosed London location, audience members will take on team challenges in what I hope are Monopoly styled versions of what you get in the Crystal Maze Experience because it would make perfect sense to have a Rich Uncle Pennybags styled after Richard O'Brien.

Xingu wins the melhor Jogo de mesa at the Golden Cubes

News Collider - Board Game News - Golden Cube Brazil Brazilian Best Board Game Xingu
The Golden Cubes are the annual Brazilian geek-and-gamer awards that celebrate Brazilian projects and personalities.  Last year the excellent Tao Long picked up the Melhor Jogo de Mesa (best board game) so I thought I’d bring this game to your attention too.  

Xingu has 2 - 6 players taking the role of leaders of indigenous tribes within the Amazon rainforest fighting for survival from the arrival of the white man.  The game is language independent with rule sin English up on Board Game Geek

CATAN - World Explorers

News Collider - Board Game News - Catan World Explorers Pokemon Go Style

Announced during Essen Spiel, Catan- World Explorers seems to have flown completely under the radar of pretty much everyone.  From the little I know I would describe this as Catan meets Pokemon Go.  The publishers do it like this:

Harvest, trade, and build in the real-world as cities and landmarks are transformed into opportunities to collect resources and build settlements.

It should come as no surprise that Catan - World Explorers has been created in conjunction with Niantic, the same company behind Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite.  Here you’ll have to trade resources from your region with other worldwide players and “entertaining in-game characters” and create a team with old and new friends as you build roads and expand your settlements.

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