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Board Game News Collider Dice Camera Action Cancelled DnD Presents Dungeons and Dragons Chris Perkins ProJared, Rivers of London RPG, Frosthaven Gloomhaven, AEW Wrestler Tiamat Costume

In this very special birthday issue of the News Collider (my birthday, not the news Collider, but you already knew that since you clearly remember the party we had at the end of October).  I'd love to be very indulgent and tell you about the new Batman board game which has as much focus on being a detective as well as being a ninja, or the amazing worker placement war game based on Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight novels...but neither of those things are real.

Instead, I can tell you about the forthcoming Rivers of London RPG from Chaosium, that the UK Games Expo tickets went on sale for the end of May 2020 and then there's is the big news about the Gloomhaven sequel that I find hard to get excited about because I've still. only played one game of the original.

Rivers of London RPG from Chaosium

Board Game News Collider Rivers of London  Ben Aaronovitch Role Play Game Chaosium

Rivers of London is a belting series of books from English author, Ben Aaronovitch, that centre around the character of Peter Grant, a London Police Office that gets caught up in a new and dangerous world when he sees a ghost.  After that, he is recruited in a small branch of the Mett that deals with the supernatural.  Think Men In Black meets Hot Fuzz meets Harry Potter (if you haven’t read any of these books you should definitely check them out).  Backstory out of the way, Chaosium has acquired the rights to create an RPG based on the books.  

The process is still in its infancy but the team at Chaosium will be working closely with Aaronovitch (who has been playing Dungeons & Dragons (among other RPGs) since the first edition).  We can expect the Rivers of London RPG to use the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying system as a core to the game with some customisation on top.  There has been no hint at a release date as yet, not even a ballpark year, but as soon as we know, we’ll let you know right here in the News Collider.

The Official End to Dice Camera Action

Board Game News Collider Dice Camera Action Cancelled DnD Presents Dungeons and Dragons Chris Perkins ProJared

This week Dungeons & Dragons officially announced the end and cancellation of Dice, Camera, Action!  The former show was the flagship programme of the D&D Twitch channel, led by Chris Perkins and staring, Anna Prosser, Nathan Sharp, Jared Knabenbauer and Holly Conrad.  Earlier this year Knabenbauer had a very public and very messy divorce which also involved Holly Conard and the whole incident is suspected as being the leading reason behind the show's cancellation.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as Dungeons & Dragons are launching a new programme, D&D Presents which see Perkins back in the DM chair along with Mica Burton, and Jonathon Indovino and returning cast members Prosser and Sharp.  

Wrestling Star embraces D&D

Board Game News Collider AEW Wrestler Brandon Cutler Tiamat Costume DnD Dungeons and Dragons

Earlier this year professional AEW wrestler and general dick, MJF took to Twitter to mock D&D ahead of a big match against D&D fan, Brandon Cutler.  Cutler’s wife and cosplay designer, Denise design a new ring jacket for him to wear and...well, it’s pretty badass actually.  Inspired by legendary dragon god Tiamat the jacket features dragon scale shoulder pads and a big ass dragon motif belt buckle.

This fancy jacket will make its AEW debut when Cutler faces off against Jimmy Havoc. 


Board Game News Collider Gloomhaven Stand Alone Sequel Announced Frosthaven

In a news story that's barely news anymore, Isaac Childres announced over the weekend at PAX Unplugged the stand-alone sequel to Gloomhaven, Frosthaven.  This 22 lbs box of dungeon crawling, scenario spewing cardboard adventure will be hitting Kickstarter in March.  Expect Gloomhaven, but colder and with more mysteries and activities between missions.

UK Games Expo Tickets on Sale

Board Game News Collider UK Games Expo Tickets on Sale

Tickets went on sale for the 2020 UK Games Expo.  Starting on Friday 29th May - Sunday 31st June.

We'll be there...well, most of us and we may even be doing a live show of some kind...maybe.

Tickets for the Expo are available here, see you in 171 days (if not before at Airecon).

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