Most Anticipated Games Delivered from Kickstarter in 2020 Part 2

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter PArt 2

This is the Polyhedron Collider Most Anticipated Games Arriving from Kickstarter in 2020…Part Two.

Part One is here and you may have also missed our list of Most Anticipated Games Coming to Kickstarter (that we know about) in 2020 (Part One and Two) but basically these are the highlights of the various Kickstarter Highlights we brought to your attention throughout 2019.

The final part in this series will look at games coming straight into retail, until then, these are the games we collectively backed at Collider Towers that we are eagerly awaiting.

Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Oathsworn Into Deepwood

Hopefully arriving in December
We've been talking about, and very eagerly awaiting the launch of this game since last May (for once we are the very bleeding edge of hot games).  It made our pre Expo hit list and after their game, Jon and Steve chatted and giggled about it excitedly like a pair of small children.  

A sprawling Legacy dungeon crawl game with a new "twisting tales" mechanic at its heart.  Exciting push your luck combat that is quick and exciting and with “heroic scale” jaw-dropping miniatures.

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Kingdom Rush Rift In Time

Hopefully arriving in April
During last year’s AireCon, Steve and Jon got to play the prototype for Kingdom Rush from Lucky Duck Games and it’s fair to say they enjoyed it immensely.

Based on the popular tower defence mobile game, you will build a series of towers to defend against invading orcs, goblins and other beasties. Playing just the introductory scenario was enough to get a very good taste of the game and at least one member of the Polyhedron Collider backed this (probably two, Kickstarter won’t show me the backers now and Jon can’t seem to remember what he’s backed at all).

This is a really clever take on the tower defence genre. True it may look all cute but it’s really a difficult puzzle.  You have to decide when to add towers, when to upgrade towers and where to place your damage, with damage placement being a polyominoes puzzle in the same vein as Barenpark and Cottage Garden.

You can hear the boys talk about this on in episode 58 here.

Magnate: The First City

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Magnate The First City

Hopefully arriving in October
Over the course of this city building game, you’ll buy plots of land, before developing those plots and attracting occupants that will pay you rent and your property empire will simply start to grow from there.  However, with Magnate, every choice that a player makes affects the market, pushing property prices up and up.  Every plot bought, every building constructed, each piece of marketing material further inflates the proverbial property bubble.  And we all know what happens to bubbles that get too big.  The game is designed to crash, players are essentially working towards this goal from the start, but always with a sharp eye on their “exit strategy”.

Andy wrote a full review of the game here.

Trudvang Legends

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Trudvang Legends

Hopefully arriving in December
Trudvang Chronicles is a beautifully illustrated tabletop role-playing game steeped in the lore and legends of Norse mythology. Trudvang Legends from CMON and is a legacy style game with a twist.

In Trudvang Legends you will play from an adventure book, with epic and heroic sagas sweeping across the lands. The twist though is that your actions will change the board, not in the legacy style “I’m taking a marker to this and defacing it forever”, but more that your actions will change future games only as long as they are remembered. Your choices will shape the world, mainly through a neat little card sleeve that sits on the board changing the actions and stories available.

The theory is that you can play the game with different players but your previous games and sagas affect all those who come after you, regardless of whether you are playing the same campaign or not.

Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Burgle Bros 2 Casio Capers

Hopefully arriving in May
I am a big, big fan of Burgle Bros. When that game first hit my table it hit it over and over again that night. And that week and month and so on.

I loved the very simple variations that were created by the tile placement, the range of strategies available and variations depending on the team of burglars.

Burgle Bros created exciting, fun and lasting stories for me and my friends. So when this came to Kickstarter, and the opportunity to create new stories and new memories of the same ilk in a casino (whilst listening to the Ocean's 11 soundtrack) it was an instant back for me.

Dice Hospital: Community Care

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Dice Hospital Expansion Community Care

Hopefully arriving in July
Dice Hospital has one of the highest accolades in the board gaming world, namely; the PHC Four-For-Four.  In other words, we all own it.  We all love it.

The games' first proper expansion comes in the shape of Community Care which is three "smaller" expansions in one box.  Please note the very deliberate use of quotes on smaller.  Although the additional components are few, the added depth, complexity and richness they lend to the base game is anything but small.

You can read the full review of these expansions for more information here.

Materia Prima: The Alchemists Guild

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Materia Prima

Hopefully arriving in March
Create the Philosopher’s Stone in this high fantasy setting sandbox game that seems to use every board mechanic under the sun with some really quite stunning artwork. Each player will have to complete their secret personal quest in order to win the game, but how they choose to do that, via study, exploration or combat, is really up to the individual.

This is the debut game from publisher Peacock Tabletops, and designer (also the artist) Florian Pfab and as a first-time project goes it looks really rather tasty (it’s also within punt territory at £36).

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

2020 Most Anticipated Games Best Arriving from Kickstarter Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Hopefully arriving in July

I think I've said enough.

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