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The News Collider is back again with the best bits of the board game and tabletop game news from around the internet.

Crowdfunding fans can rejoice as Backerkit announce they too will be joining the fray with their very own platform, and one of the first games to launch will be the Miniatures of Gloomhaven from Cephalofair! And if the noises you made when you got out of bed this morning weren't enough of an indicator of your age, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Magic the Gathering Turns 30 this autumn. There’s also a Pokémon card that sold for close to a million dollars and because we all need more paints for our minis, Games Workshop is releasing some more.


Backerkit, one of the leaders in the crowdfunding fulfilment providers has announced that it will be launching its own crowdfunding platform, simply called: Crowdfunding by Backerkit…okay, so maybe the name needs a little work, but at least it does what it says.

The new platform has already attracted many publishers including Monte Cook Games, Restoration Games, Leder Games, and Greater Than Games, and notably, Cephalofair whose next project; Miniatures of Gloomhaven (a 500-plus miniatures line for all their published games so far), is already confirmed as one of the first major projects - Q1 2023.  

Cephalofair has specifically said that they are moving away from Kickstarter in response to the company’s plans to integrate blockchain technology. 

Unlike Gamefound, which launched last year and is specifically for tabletop games, Crowdfunding by Backerkit will cover a much broader spectrum of projects.

In 2021, tabletop games on Kickstarter raised a staggering $272 million, with a further $22 million raised on Gamefound (it’s first flippin’ year!) No doubt there is plenty of room in this industry for another option, and with Backerkit’s well-established fulfilment system in place and their close relationship with designers and publishers, I think it is reasonable to expect Crowdfunding by Backerkit to soon take a slice of that cake.
Crowdfunding by Backekit is already in beta with a planned launch in 2023


To mark hitting the big Three Oh there will be a year-long MTC celebration, starting with the Magic 30 Anniversary Event in The Expo at World Market Centre Las Vegas!

The tournament will allow 8 very lucky/skilful players to enter an extremely limited edition beta; the second-ever print run of the first MTG, which includes some of the most powerful, rare and valuable cards in the world of the entire series.  Meaning that these fortunate 8 players will be opening booster packs worth thousands of pounds.  During the event, there will of course be panels with designers and artists present alongside a slew of other tournaments and games.


Mantic, the creators of Kings of War and Deadzone are launching a board game division. The publisher has previously published Hellboy; The Board Game, but this move is to create an entirely new division dedicated to family-friendly and easily accessible board games and RPGs.  

Their first release is the family-friendly IP: The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game, which launched on Gamefound last week.  


A super, super rare Pokémon card - there were only 39 ever printed - sold for a staggering $840K recently at the Heritage Auctions' 2022 Trading Card Games Signature Auction.

The card was originally only awarded to winners of the 1998 CoroCoro Comics Illustrator contest.  This card however was only a PSA 9; not so long ago a PSA Gem Mint 10 graded copy of the same card was sold privately for $5,275,000.


How many paints does a miniature painter need?  One more than they have.  And with this in mind, Games Workshop has announced a bunch of new Shades and Contrast paints will soon be joining their Citadel Paints range.
These new paints are bright and vivid aiming to bring a greater range for putrid or arcane minis.

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