Kickstarter Collision: August 2013

Last month in the world of Kickstarter was mired with controversy after the high profile failure of the Doom that came to Atlantic City. This month looks like it’s going to be equally controversial with one of our selected projects already raising eyebrows but let’s not be all pessimistic there’s still loads of wonderful projects in the pipeline.

First off let’s have a look at how our July projects faired:
  • Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab was a resounding success raising over $10,000 for Mage Company’s $7,000 project.
  • PowerUp Poker unfortunately failed to meet its target, raising less than half of the $17,000 that was needed.
  • Rule32 are still going and have a couple of weeks left to raise funds. It’s not looking too good at the moment as there are still loads of that £60,000 goal needed.

If you want us all to know about a Kickstarter that’s going on this month, then share the love via the comments section below. If you’re a Kickstarter creator and you want your baby featured in next month’s article then send Polyhedron Collider a message via the social media at the top of the page.

THE AGENTS - A Double-edged Cards Game

You’ve got to get your Kickstarter to stand out amongst the crowd. The Agents has both a cunning concept and artwork that draws your eye, based on the world of spies and espionage. The Agents is a card based game where each card was a double edge; cards have command instructions and points on each edge but you only gain one and your opponent benefits from the other. You can either choose to take the points or the effect and must ensure your opponent doesn’t get a better deal. Your faction of agents is built as the game progresses based on the neighbouring players but not from those opposite giving the card draws a 7 Wonders vibe.

The artwork is definitely one of the attractions. The Agents has a very distinctive style and colour pallet that’s going to giving the game a unique identity. In addition, The Agents is getting high praise from those that have previewed the game. Its uniqueness and deep strategy are common applause from reviewers.

The Agents is already well past its goal and is quickly galloping through its stretch goals. However, there is some controversy surrounding the project’s creator Saar Shai. His previous project, The Ringbow, is currently up in arms and reading the comments there’s a lot of accusations but it’s not certain who is responsible. That being said The Agents is a card game, not a high-tech wireless controller device, which is simpler to manufacture. It’s also got a series of print and play version already produced.

The Agents goal of $6,000 is already achieved and you can back the project up to the 25th August.

Casual Game Insider

Earlier in month I conducted an interview with Chris James, editor of Casual Game Insider. The Casual Game Insider Kickstarter is still going strong, there’s only a few days left and the magazine has hit its target but there’s still a way to go until it hits is stretch goals. If you’re into casual games or have a love for well written magazines then I strongly recommended giving Casual Game Insider a read.


It’s hard not to be drawn in by beautiful artwork and IncrediBrawl’s cartoon style is certainly no exception. At its heart IncrediBrawl is rock-paper-scissors but cranked up a notch. Characters include, well everything, ninjas, pirates, superheroes and cute fluffy kittens and each have powers that can be used to influence the combat.

“IncrediBrawl is designed to be a fun and chaotic casual card game. What sets it apart from other casual games is its scalable rules framework, called Game Modes. These optional rules allow you to play the way you want, based on your gaming group: from a simplified version perfect for younger children and families all the way to a more complex and strategic game great for more serious gamers.”

It’s hard not to think of Smash Up when looking at IncrediBrawl but that’s not a problem as there’s always room for another light hearted, quick to play and truly bonkers card game in our collection. The project is nearing its end and is squeakily close to its target.

IncrediBrawl is looking for $15,000 and the project ends 10th August.


Sometimes you’ve just got to get somewhere fast and in Carmarace you’re trying to get to your favourite gaming convention for your chance to grab a once in a lifetime piece of gaming swag. The problem, like a student or someone who has spent all their money on games, you don’t own a car. Your only hope to hitch hike, beg, borrow and steal any form of transport to get you to the convention. Your opponents meanwhile are doing their best to slow you down by throwing everything in your way; from a wayward moose causing a train crash to a frail old granny trying to cross the road.

What makes Carmarace interesting? Well you finally get a chance to play a board game version of Planes Trains and Automobiles, without John Candy’s snoring and it has been designed by Vince Luca one of the reviewers from Board to Death.

Carmarace is looking for $23,000 and will run until the 25th August.
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