News: So the Firefly Card Game is Actually a Thing

Firefly Out to the Black card game
Update:  We mistakenly stated Out to the Black is out later in the year when it is available now.

Original Story: Last year it was announced that a company named Toy Vault had gained the rights to cult western sci-fi Firefly. The entire board gaming community was disappointed that such a high profile geek licence had been sold to a company who don’t have an amazing track record in board game design, they do however make awesome Cthulhu Plushies. There was a collective sigh of relief when only a few weeks later Gale Force Nine, who had gained some significant success with their treatment of the Spartacus board game, would be making a Firefly board game and we all forgot about Toy Vault’s efforts.

Firefly Out to the Black card game

Well Toy Vault has announced the release of Firefly: Out to the Black, a card game based around the adventures and shenanigans of Malcolm Reynolds and his crew. Out to the Black is a co-operative game where players have to unite to beat the events in the deck before they run out of cash and honour. All your favourite Serenity crew members are there and there’s also a Brown Coat and Serenity add on packs to expand the game.

The Firefly board game got mixed reviews and this game looks like it’s going to be a light filler rather than a game that’s going to fill your gaming session.

Firefly: Out to the Black is out now and available from the Toy Vault store.
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