Did Star Wars Armada leak X-Wing Wave 7?

Did Star Wars Armada leak X-Wing Wave 7?
Last week’s GAMA Trade Show had some great news for those of us interested in Star Wars Armada. But in the news of all the new ships for Armada wave 2 there were some very strong hints about new ships for X-Wing Wave 7. 

The main question is, what are these ships and what can they mean for future upgrade cards.
Update 2: The actual Wave 7 ships have been leaked, and they aren't quite what we expected.

Update: Fantasy Flight Games have officially announced Star Wars Armada Wave 2 so we get a better image of the new ships and cards:
Original Article:

Star Wars Armada Wave 2

The Punishing One

The first and most easily recognised ship is the Punishing One. Flown by the Bounty Hunter Dengar, it boasts an ion-cannon, proton torpedoes and a blaster cannon as well as an R2 Astromech droid permanently fitted into the ship as a gunner, leaving Dengar to concentrate on flying.

Most of these upgrades already exist in one form or another but the Astromech is an interesting concept and could lead to a unique ship.

The punishing one

Hound’s Tooth

Not so much of a fighter, as an interstellar prison ship, the Hound’s Tooth was mainly made up of living quarters and prison cells. I’m not sure where the gameplay can head from there, unless we’re going to see another variant on the Mouldy Crow. The only real advantage Hound’s Tooth has is its X10-D droid brain doing the piloting and advanced engines that make it remarkably manoeuvrable.

Hound’s Tooth was the ship of bounty hunter Bossk, and is traditionally armed with laser cannons, ion cannons and concussion missiles.

Hound's Tooth

Scurrg H-6 Bomber / Havoc

Last up is either the Scurrg H-6 Bomber or the Havoc Starfighter, or my guess probably both. Originally designed as a bomber for the Naboo, the pirate Nym stole the original prototype and converted into his personal Starfighter.

The Havoc is significantly upgraded compared to the bomber, with six forward facing laser cannons, as well as an automated ball turret mounted on the top of the ship. Does this mean we will see another 360 arc shooter? 

The interesting possibility for the game mechanics though is the bomblet generator. This Havoc-only upgrade changes the Scurrg H-6 standard bombs into a system that could generate infinite bombs at the cost of draining the ships core power. 

Scurrg H-6 Bomber  Havoc Starfighter
It’s easy to see how this ship would be implemented into X-Wing, as the base ship would be a Scurrg H-6 bomber with a title upgrade, or possibly a different pilot card to turn it into the Havoc. There’s also an opportunity here to do something interesting with the pilots. As a Naboo bomber you would expect the ship to be flown on the side of the Rebellion but Nym fits neatly into the Scum and Villainy faction. Will we see this ship release with a number of different faction pilots?

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