X-Wing Wave 7 Leaked

X-Wing Wave 7 leaked
Remember last month how we wrote some wild speculation about what ships would be in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Wave 7?

Based on the new ships for Star Wars Armada we thought we had a pretty good idea about what ships will be making the move from fleet manoeuvres to dog fighting. Only one of those guesses where true as Team Covenant leaked the real ships of Wave 7.

X-Wing Wave 7 TIE Punisher

X-Wing Wave 7 Hound's Tooth

Hound’s Tooth 

First off, and the only ship from the Armada news that actually made it into X-Wing, is Hound’s Tooth. Hound’s Tooth in bounty hunter Bossk’s personal prison ship, used for shipping his captured bounties across the galaxy.

X-Wing Wave 7 Hound's Tooth


The BTL-S8 K-wing assault Starfighter has been the subject of fan speculation for some time, it seems that everyone knew the ship would be coming to X-Wing at some point but not when.

The K-Wing is a heavy fighter and bomber, and was designed as a replacement for the Y-wing. Game wise we should expect this to be similar to the y-wing but with more of everything.
X-Wing Wave 7 K-Wing

TIE Punisher 

Fantasy Flight Games are clearly calling the new TIE model a TIE Punisher, but the nearest ship I can find on Wookieepedia is the TIE/IT Interdictor, also known as the advanced TIE Bomber.

Similar to the K-Wing this is a heavier more advanced bomber than a previous craft. This is all pointing towards a resurgence of bombs in X-Wing.

X-Wing Wave 7 TIE Punisher


The Kihraxz Assault Fighter is a light craft designed specifically for Black Sun, so that will be the second Scum ship in Wave 7. There’s little about the Kihraxz to make it stand out apart from its pilot would often heavily customize it and two Kihraxz where never the same. Does this mean we will see lots of upgrade options for this ship?

X-Wing Wave 7 Kihraxz

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  1. This looks pretty interesting - I'm a big fan of "how will we rebuild" ideas when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. Shall check this out :)