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textProdos Games announce Space Crusade Remake Space Crusaders

Update: Prodos Games have announced a U-turn on the model design and will be making a PG-13 version, more details here.

Original Story: Space Crusade is back, or should that be Boob Crusade. Prodos Games, those of Warzone Resurrection and Alien vs Predator have remade the classic 90s sci-fi board game (that we reviewed just a few weeks ago by the way) and understandably there have been some changes, but the changes are not what most people were expecting.

As you may not be aware, Prodos Games have owned the rights to Space Crusade for some time, but in reality those rights are in name only. All those Space Marines, Genestealers, Orks and the Chaos Dreadnaught are very much property of Games Workshop and their Warhammer 40,000 universe so Prodos can’t use those.

Odds are that Prodos would set the new Space Crusade in their Warzone Resurrection universe, but with a remake of Siege of the Citadel from Modiphious just around the corner the two would interfere. So it looks like Prodos Games have created a completely new intellectual property for their new Space Crusaders range. And that’s where things get a little controversial.

There’s a design ethic at play here and that appears to be “space marine strippers”. While it is true that the new Space Crusade marines, or Space Crusaders as they are now being named, are armed to the teeth and adorned with power armour, that power armour doesn’t seem to offer much protection for the chest area. Power armour is a bit of a misnomer, more like power bras. Whether you find that kind of thing offensive or just a bit of fun is up to you but it has already caused a bit of a stir around social media.

Based on the images provided, it’s unclear if there have been any changes to the gameplay as miniatures have so far been front and centre. However looking at the list of components, they certainly marry up with the classic Space Crusade.

Space Crusade from Prodos Games mamoona

Space Crusade Prodos Games artemis mabs

Space Crusade Prodos Games artemis

Space Crusade Prodos Games inquisitors

Space Crusade Prodos Games Space Crusaders

What is great about this new Space Crusade release is that the game will not be funded via Kickstarter, in fact its already available for pre-order from Prodos Games Webstore  and will be available to buy by the end of February.

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