Space Crusade U-turn

Prodos Games Space Crusade U-turn

It seems that a lot of people took offence to the Boob Crusade, sorry Space Crusade, the recent remake of the classic nineties game from Prodos Games. Prodos have announced a PG-13 version of the game that covers up the Space Strippers and makes some more sensible power armour.

An 18+ version of the game will still be available and if you already placed a pre-order you can choose which if the two version you want delivered.

The first of the new PG-13 miniature sculpts for the Space Crusader heroine, Calypso, have been released along with some more previews of the demon models which will be common to both versions.

I'm really happy that Prodos have made this change, we're just waiting for some details about the gameplay.

Prodos Games Space Crusade Calypso
Prodos Games Space crusade vomit demon

Prodos Games Space crusade vomit demon

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