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Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Oh no! This week’s gaming news is very late, I personally blame the Polyhedron Collider Christmas party and that bottle of Babycham that Steve was drinking.

Don’t worry though, because we’ve got more new games than you can shake a stick of holly at, including Harry Potter, Power Grid and King Arthur. We also hear about Games Workshop’s profits and board game theme parks.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Alley Cat Games have announced Tuamotu, a medium-weight euro game from the designers of Rococo, Louis and Stefan Malz.

It’s a game of colonisation with a pick-up-and-deliver mechanic, how the name of the game, which refers to a highly theatrical art style which employs trompe l’oeil or “tricks of the eye” is yet to be seen.  No pun intended.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

New Friedmann Friese game, Futuropia, published by Stronghold games will be coming in January 2019.  This is an economic civilisation building game that is reported to be “luck free”.

You’ll be building a perfect utopia, where no one has to work and everyone has enough time and energy for all their favourite leisure activities.  With some deep, dark roots in classic utopian/dystopian sci-fi, this happy looking game will no doubt have some serious brain burning going on!


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

To celebrate 15 years of Power Gridding, the evergreen title is getting a refresh.  After Power Grid Deluxe was released in 2014, introducing some minor rule-smoothing, and a host of expansions the game went “into the workshop.” Says Kröpke, of publisher 2fs-Speile.

“We put the game through its paces, updated and exchanged parts, polished and rewrote the rules until we were sure we were offering you the best possible version of Power Grid."  

The team are working on all the expansions to ensure they still work fully with this revised version and will publish an errata in January 2019.  As of March 2019, the current version of Power Grid will be taken down and replaced by the latest version, bearing the Recharge logo.  


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Unlock! will add three new ways for players to enjoy the escape-room experience in January with Exotic Adventures.

Expedition:  Challenger – based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, players travel to a mysterious plateau.  Scheherazade’s Last Tale, is a riff on Tales of the Arabian Nights.  Night of the Boogeymen, well, that has you escaping from the Boogeyman.


Walls of York.  As in the actual city of York is under attack from Vikings.  Players must build…the walls of York to keep them at bay.
Wacky Racers. As in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, which we’ve all been scratching our heads over since the game was first announced last year now has a release date of April 26th.  


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

From Modiphius, the publishers of Tales from the Loop, Coriolos – The Third Horizon and Mutant: Year Zero, comes a new RPG Forbidden Lands.

Set in a classical fantasy world where players are raider, rogues and rascals looking to make their mark and get ahead in the world.  If you survive long enough you may even get to build (and then defend) your very own stronghold.  The Boxed Set contains the Raven’s Purge campaign, GM Screen and the dice and cards you’ll need to play.   


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

The last bastion has fallen. Warner Bros. the owners of the Harry Potter license relented, so now you can “enjoy” playing Munchkin while wearing your Gryffindorr Scarf without looking odd.

Well, too odd.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Who doesn’t like a hidden roles game after a Christmas dinner and a few beers?  What could go wrong with that? Well, there’s a new one, from WizKids set in feudal Japan: Chiyo’s Secret.

One player, Motonaka, the son of the lovers, is trying to help them escape before they get lynched by any of the game's “baddies”.  How this game differs from other hidden role games and what effect the notion of hidden lovers will have on it are worth looking at, so hopefully, we’ll see some reviews soon.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

SPIEL Security is to be discussed at length in the new year when Friedhelm Merz Verlag, the folks who put on the world’s largest games convention, are meeting with Messe Essen convention centre to discuss if security changes are needed for future events.

This news has been a long time coming, as robberies are becoming more common, if not more public.  The results of this meeting won’t be known for a little while, but one can hope that things are stepped up.



A convention favourite of Polyhedron Collider (we’ll be there, will you?) has just released their events schedule which includes seminars, massive games of NMBR 9, Pirate Comedy Folk Rock band Jollyboat and a KeyForge tournament!

There is also a new Airecon App to help navigate the con as well as loads of merchandise so you can look well Aireconned as you romp around


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

King Arthur Pendragon is returning to its original publishers Chaosium Inc.

Previously the game has been published by Nocturnal Media, but it, along with Prince Valiant story-telling game are both are returning the company founded by the late designer Greg Stafford.  The full “story behind the story” is really rather touching and well worth reading if you’re a fan of either game.  You can read it all here.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coats announce a major esports event for Magic the Gathering Players, with a prize pool worth $10 Million and possible streaming contracts worth up to $75,000.  The Magic Pro League (MPL) will establish a new tier of professional players from the top 32 ranked players from around the world.  Players who make it into this top spot will be offered the streaming contracts to play in weekly match-ups on Magic the Gathering Arena which in turn introduces the Mythic Champions Events.

To learn more about this, and possibly put your skills to the test head over to the Magic esports page to find out how to register etc.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Games Workshop has announced an opening profit of $51.6 million on sales of around $156 million for the first six months of the fiscal year.  Despite some share price fluctuations in October, this relates to $0.38 per share.

This shows that under the recent new leadership of Kevin Roundtree and opening new stores worldwide the company and the hobby as a whole is in great shape.


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Calliope Games (Tsuro) has implemented their new policy of “Intellectual Property and Brand Protection”.  This means that they will now be the sole source of their games to online platforms, such as Amazon, where a minimum advertised price will be enforced.

That means no discounts, no click for prices, no BOGOFs.  Although this may initially seem like a bad deal for customers, what this does under the hood is protect customers from the growing problem of counterfeits board games and helps ensure the continued success of your friendly local game store    


Hasbro has just agreed on a deal with Imagine Resorts to have a Hasbro themed indoor water park and family resort.  The resort will include themed hotel rooms, entertainment as well as the waterpark itself alongside food and beverage offerings.

So you’ll be able to stay in the My Little Pony Suite, dine-out at the Manna Restaurant and then enjoy the Past Go Pool!


Polyhedron Collider - Board Game News 12/12/18

Archaeologists have been “standing up to think” over the distinctive holes cut into the floor of a rock shelter in Gobustan Nation Park, Azerbaijani.  It is now believed to be the oldest known version of a game called 58 holes, or Hounds and Jackals.

This game was played throughout ancient Egypt, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia.  No one really knows how it spread across the ancient world so quickly and well, or even how the game is played.


We’re Not Wizards – Our mate Richard has a campaign to make his stellar podcast even better, so do everyone a favour and have a look.
Roll Through the Ages: Iron Age is a reprint of the roll and write game from Tom Lehmann.  Interestingly, Eagle Gryphon Games have introduced “personal stretch goals” – where backers can receive free games depending on how they end up pledging for the game, the more you pledge (for a game that is already being printed) the more “free” games you get.  How this differs from “buying” experts are yet to decide.
Ogre Battlefields – because bigger is always better, now you have new battlefields as the campaign name suggests, more scenarios and units.  If you don’t have Ogre – which has been kicking around since 1977, you can even pick a copy of that up too.

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