News Collider 19th June - Boardgame Cafe Unpaid Staff, New D&D Starter Kit, Metal Gear Solid and Origins Awards

News Collider Board Game Dice and Doughnuts Unpaid Staff, Origins Awards, Metal Gear Solid Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Kit

This week's News Collider, bringing you the best in board game news we start with a story about the owner of a board game cafe who was taken to court for not paying his staff, we have a sneaky peak at what Wizards of the Coast are bringing us with their new Essentials Kit, Metal Gear Solid board game pre-orders and some highlights from the Origins Game Fair Awards.

Unpaid Staff at Dice & Doughnuts

News Collider Board Game Dice and Doughnuts Unpaid Staff

Mark Cutter, the owner of Dice & Doughnuts in Preston, Lancashire, was taken to an employment tribunal under claims he had deducted money and withheld payment to a number of his staff of the board game cafe to the grand sum of £10,000.

Six employees in total claimed sums of payment ranging from £905 to £2,826 some even dating back to 2017.

Cutter used all manner of excuses to justify these deductions, citing timesheets being handed in late, disputed holiday pay, and alleged and “unproven incident” and even that he only had 5 cheques left in his cheque book  so couldn’t pay  employee number six.

Unfortunately, a number of claims were either dismissed, contested or ‘stuck out’, however at least some of the former staff will be receiving their dues.

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit

News Collider Board Game Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Kit

There has never been a better time to get into Dungeons & Dragons.  It might be that because we are “inside the hobby”, but there certainly does seem to be a growing popularity for it.  Wizards of the Coast are now just days away from the launch of the new Essentials Kit which provides everything new players need including a stripped-back rules book, a “How to guide” on creating characters and a brand-spanking-new adventure, Dragon of Icespire Peak.  It also introduces a new 1-on-1 (or duet) variant.

The D&D Essentials Kit will be available from Target stores as of the 24th of June and then everywhere else from the 3rd September.

Metal Gear Solid Board Game Pre-Orders

News Collider Board Game Metal Gear Solid

More than one member of Polyhedron Collider became overly giddy when we first learned that Metal GearSolid would be coming to tabletops late last year and now we have pre-orders.

Published by IDW and designed by Emerson Matsuuchi (the chap who did Reef, and the Century series among others) the board game based on the very popular video game series is a fully co-op, sandbox game of espionage and stealth.  The game features a bunch of missions that retell the story arc of the video games plus 10 new ones.

And, if you’re a sucker for exclusive content, there are three exclusive minis available only to those who pre-order the game.

2019 Origins Award Winners

News Collider Board Game Origins Awards

Root picked up Game of the Year and Best Board Game, The Mind won Best Card Game and Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition won best RPG among the other categories that you can see in detail for yourself here.

Along with these games all getting fancy awards, The Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design also inducted Vlaada Chvatil and Gerald Brom into the Hall of Fame for their significant contributions to the hobby.  The games Mage Knight and Apples to Apples were also inducted for their last lasting effect on the games industry.

Finally, the newly created Awad, Rising Star, was awarded to Jamey Stegmaier.

Congratulations guys!
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