Kickstarter Highlights 30th July

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This week's highlights comes to you with the sub heading of: Kickstarter's Debuts and Reprints Edition, simply because a number of the campaigns featured this week are from brand-spanking-new designers and/or publishers and those that aren’t new are for games that desperately need a second edition to sate the demand of all you game hungry gamers and collectors. 

Smartphone Inc.
Kickstarter Highlights - Smartphone Inc.

This was a huge success at Essen 2018 and this Kickstarter is for the second printing of the game all about the research, development and distribution of smartphones.  

As you might have guessed, this is an economic simulation game where you’ll be trying to monopolise the market with your device.  There is a really rather cool planning mechanic using two overlapping cards which impact a player’s entire turn, which looks very cool and I’m really keen to try.

Campaign Ends 12th August

Materia Prima - The Alchemist Guild
Kickstarter Highlights - Materia Prima alt

Create the Philosopher’s Stone in this high fantasy setting sandbox game that seems to use every board mechanic under the sun with some really quite stunning artwork. Each player will have to complete their secret personal quest in order to win the game, but how they choose to do that, via study, exploration or combat, is really up to the individual.

This is the debut game from publisher Peacock Tabletops, and designer (also the artist) Florian Pfab and as a first time project goes it looks really rather tasty (it’s also within punt territory at £36).

Campaign Ends 10th August

IMPORT/EXPORT Definitive Edition!
Kickstarter Highlights- Import Export

This Kickstarter is for the second edition of this very popular game of...well, importing and exporting goods.  With a huge variability between games, tech trends, a form of engine building and secret bidding this game has a lot going on. Oh and piracy.

Also, and very important it is too, this whole game is a Kickstarter exclusive.  Only enough copies will be printed to meet backer demand so get it now (or maybe much, much later second hand).

Campaign Ends 23rd August

On the Rocks
Kickstarter Highlights - On the Rocks

Obvious parallels are being drawn to Potion Explosion, but I think that's mainly because of the marbles.  On the Rocks is essentially a set collection game trying to match a draft from the mixing bag to recipe cards dealt to players.  With some light player vs player conflict, and some interesting planning choices to be made this looks to have all the hallmarks of a very decent game with a cool theme and components.

There's even a pledge option to have one of your favourite cocktails added to the promo deck, and as someone who once had a drink named after them its a little bit tempting, just for that.

Campaign Ends 22nd August

Kickstarter Highlights - Kisarta

Kisarta is a new setting for 5th Edition in which players assume the roles of the soul of a recently deceased.  With new Classes, Races and Spells, players will work their way through the seven Dominions of the Netherworld, facing constant dangers and harsh and cruel challenges.
With a PDF copy of the rulebook at £18, and a physical had back copy at $41, Kisata is squarely in punt territory for RPG junkies (Andy).

There’s even a Quickstart rule set if you want a little taster before backing.

Campaign Ends 22nd August

N.B. yes, I know, before you start, Kisarta is neither a reprint nor is it the first for this publisher or designer, but my intro was for exactly that, it’s not a rule or anything I’m breaking.   

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in last week's Highlights:
Kickstarter Highlights - Conan Savage Lands, One Small Step, Trudvang Legends, Rush MD, Once We Moved Like The Wind

Daring Dustbunnies ends 1st August
Britannia ends 1st August
Rush M.D ends 6th August
One Small Step ends 7th August
TaleSpire ends 8th August
The Kaldori ends 9th August
DinoGenics ends 8th August
Conan: Savage Lands ends 9th August
Trudvang Legends ends 15th August
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