Kickstarter Highlights 23rd July

Kickstarter Highlights - Conan Savage Lands, One Small Step, Trudvang Legends, Rush MD, Once We Moved Like The Wind

The Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights isn't just about banging a drum for the big games, the games that everyone already knows about, games that everyone is already backing (or considering).  No, we here at Collider Towers are masters of our own wallets so there is no mention of the latest Awaken Realms campaign (the new one that reached half a million dollars in less than 30 minutes).

Instead, we are talking about games that have genuinely piqued our interest, the Apache War, the moon landing, Conan, the new legacy game from CMON and the real time dexterity co-op game, that are all on Kickstarter and they all look ace!

Conan: Savage Lands

Kickstarter Highlights - Conan Savage Lands
We had a little look at Conan: Savage Lands during the press preview of the UK Games Expo and the miniatures looked ace (at the time I didn't notice the startling similarity to Arnold Schwarznegger that I do now in this render). 

On top of fancy minis the game had a very quick, snappy and easy to learn combat system which is kind of what you want from a arena skirmish game, so it's certainly worth a look.

Campaign Ends 9th August

One Small Step

Kickstarter Highlights - One Small Step
...for man, one giant leap for mankind.  It makes sense that Academy Games have their campaign about landing on the moon running during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing.  In this worker placement, engine building you’ll play as either the Soviets or Americans in a race to be the first to put man on the moon.   

One Small Step looks to have quite an interesting worker placement mechanic where spaces are grouped together so taking one space of a group locks the rest of the group out to both your opponent and the rest of your workers, additionally, certain actions, such as revealing new technologies will benefit both sides of the race, one more than the other, obviously but this competitive shared benefit interaction looks to be quite different.

Campaign Ends 7th August

Once We Moved Like The Wind

Kickstarter Highlights - Once We Moved Like The Wind
This game covers the long conflicts of the Apache resistance of the western expansion of the American government following the civil war.  Its a Block Wargame which simulates the “fog of war” systems often found in video war games by making use of wooden blocks and uses a pretty interesting “provocation” system to determine which units each player will have at the start of their turn.  

This game aims to be more accessible than other, heavier wargames but still keeps a deep level of strategy.  I’ll warn you now, the video is a little...dry, but the more I read about this game the more interesting I find it, even though it’s not the usual type of game I back...

Campaign Ends 14th August

Rush M.D

Kickstarter Highlights - Rush MD
A real-time, co-op worker placement dexterity game, which will no doubt destroy friendships and may also induce stress related conditions like heart attacks.

Okay, probably not, but just thinking about this game gets me worked up.  In very much the same vein as Kitchen Rush, this game will have you placing sand timers as workers as you try and diagnose and treat patients in your hospital including having to use tweezers to place wooden tokens into test tubes and removing spleens.  They're probably spleens, I don't know what a spleen looks like or what it does, but I'm sure its important. 

Campaign Ends 6th August

Trudvang Legends

Kickstarter Highlights - Trudvang Legends
Trudvang Chronicles is a beautifully illustrated tabletop role playing game steeped in the lore and legends of Norse mythology. Trudvang Legends is the latest game from CMON and is a legacy style game with a twist.

In Trudvang Legends you will play from an adventure book, with epic and heroic sagas sweeping across the lands. The twist though is that your actions will change the board, not in the legacy style “I’m taking a marker to this and defacing it forever”, but more that your actions will change future games only as long as they are remembered. Your choices will shape the world, mainly through a neat little card sleeve that sits on the board changing the actions and stories available.

The theory is that you can play the game with different players but your previous games and sagas effect all those who come after you, regardless of whether you are playing the same campaign or not.

Campaign Ends 15th August

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in last week's Kickstarter Highlights:
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Super Secret Spy Agency ends 24th July
Dwellings of Eldervale ends July 25th
Daring Dustbunnies ends 1st August
Britannia ends 1st August
TaleSpire ends 8th August
The Kaldori ends 9th August
DinoGenics ends 8th August
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