Kickstarter Highlights - 13th July

Kickstarter Highlights Fiasco, GrimHollow, Fired Up, Handy Maps, Sleeping Gods

Is August the time that tabletop gaming takes a bit of a nap? After a busy few days at Gen Con does it feel that it needs a bit of a sit down and a refreshing cup of tea? Because it feels (to us at least) that the number of games on Kickstarter this week is rather less than usual (we didn’t even publish a Kickstarter Highlights last week!).

Regardless, the intrepid Kickstarter explorers of the Polyhedron Collider crew have traveled far, dug deep, and spend every last resource they could finding this weeks’ hot board game and role playing game Kickstarters.

Sleeping Gods

Kickstarter Highlights - Sleeping Gods

There are some that would argue that Ryan Laukat needs no introduction, but I would argue that Ryan is not as famous a name as he should be, since this is a man that not only design games but also creates all the artwork, graphic design and stories.

Sleeping Gods is a story book based game where you and your friends become crew of the steamship Manticore. You’ll work together to survive, explore mysterious islands, and meet new character while recovering artefacts of the lost gods.

Sleeping Gods promises a 10 to 20 hour campaign, full of 26 different maps to explore, but the branching storyline means it will take many plays of the campaign to explore every sea and unlock every secret.  The game also promises to provide deep and lasting consequences for your story decisions. 

Sleeping Gods was available to play at Gen Con, and the feedback from the show was that the game was very good, but more importantly that the combat system was rather ingenious.

Campaign ends 30th August

Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide for 5th Edition

Kickstarter Highlights - GrimHollow

The ever expanding number of third party Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition campaign guides is growing at an exponential rate and scientists predict that by 2021, all Kickstarter projects will be a D&D5E. SO the question is, why should we take a second look at Grim Hollow from Ghostfire Gaming.  Well if you’re a fan of a bit of Grimm dark you might want to take a second look.

Grim Hollow takes players to the world of Etharis, a world of gothic horror and the Grimm fairytales. The world is covered in darkness and creatures of the night, such as vampires, witches and werewolves are very much in control. 

Grim Hollow promises to expand your D&D game with an new advanced background system and special rules that allow players to turn into creatures of the night, such as a vampire or even a liche!

Campaign ends 7th September

Fired Up

Kickstarter Highlights - Fired Up

Stop me if you’ve heard this one; Fired Up is a futuristic gladiatorial combat game, where all manner of jacked up cyborg like beefcakes and killer robots bout it out all in the name of entertainment.  The difference with Fired Up is that instead of player the gladiatorial fighters, you are instead playing the audience.

Players will use their custom dice to influence the fight by cheering or jeering, encouraging and even getting the fighters to change targets.  The aim is to have the most entertaining fight of your life, but players also have secret objectives and are attempting to manipulate the fight to go their way.

Campaign ends 4th September


Kickstarter Highlights - Handy Maps

If you’ve ever wanted to inject just a smidge of class into your fantasy RPG sessions then HandyMaps could be just the thing.  These are a very simple, and very cheap supplement to any fantasy campaign, 10 double-sided A5 town and village map cards designed by Glynn Seal - the Gold ENnie award-winning cartographer.

Printed on quality card stock you can get a set of these 20 villages and towns, printed with grid but no names or labels (or even a scale for that matter) for just £10 including shipping and a digital PDF version too.

Campaign ends 31st August


Kickstarter Highlights - Fiasco

This 3 - 5 player GM-less role playing-game is, in many ways, a second edition of the multi award winning game first printed in 2009.  Fiasco throws players quickly into a “cinematic game of powerful ambition and poor impulse control”.  Adventures here woul dprobably be best described as capers as you and your fellow players hep build one another’s characters before embarking on a story which is destined to twist and go about as utterly wrong as any caper can.  

In short, this allows players to star in their own Coen Brothers style story which is about as right up my street as a game can be.  #OnIt #DOFS

Campaigns ends 4th September

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in previous Kickstarter Highlights
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Trudvang Legends ends 15th August
On the Rocks ends 22nd August
Kisarta  ends 22nd August
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