Kickstarter Highlights - 20th August

Kickstarter Highlights - Burgle Bros 2 Casion Capers, Numenera Liminal Shores Struggle of Empires Deluxe Muffin Time

It's a real mixed bag in this week's Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights with only 4 campaigns to bring to your attention, but projects that, collectively, cover all the bases.

There's a fantastic and award winning RPG, an exciting and cinematic campaign style co-op game, a heavy war game with strong economic flavours and a very silly party game.  

So, what ever your tastes, the Collider Crew has you covered.

You're welcome 

Numenera Liminal Shores

Kickstarter Highlights - Numenera Liminal Shores

You know that saying as to how advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic? Well that’s the Numenera tabletop roleplaying game in a nutshell, as part of the Ninth World, your society lives on top of the remains of eight previous civilisations, all resplendent with ancient, and highly advanced technology.

The Numbenera Liminal Shores campaign will add at least three new adventure supplements to the award winning Numenera RPG.  This campaign allows backs to pick and choose exactly what they want and even get in from the very beginning with access to the starter kit.  With PDFs and Hardback pledges available its too tempting (isn’t it, Steve?).

Voices of the Datasphere provides all the material you will need to interface with this alien font of knowledge and explore new and exceedingly strange spaces. 
Liminal Shore offers a whole new world to explore in a gripping adventure featuring new NPCs, new creatures and new dangers.
Edge of the Sun presents a world altering adventure set in a new and extremely hazardous locale that could serve as a finale for a current or future campaigns.

Campaign ends 14th September

Burgle Bros 2 The Casino Capers

Kickstarter Highlights - Burgle Bros 2 Casio Capers

I'm a big fan of the original Burgle Bros.  It was a very tough and really exciting Co-Op that needed heaps of thinking, planning and a dash of luck.  Tim Fowers is back again with a stand alone sequel.  This time you’re in Vegas and you’re going to rob a casino, which comes with a plethora of new challenges to face.  Not only do you have to avoid the guards, crack the safe and then get a way there is heaps more stuff in this game.

For me, the most exciting aspect is the Finales, that a twist ending to your caper dictating how you must escape.  But there is also now a “campaign style” format too, with envelopes that need opening after each successful mission that add new story elements, gear and conditions to your next game.  Check out the campaign page for more info about these plus: doors, gear, perks and pitfalls and more.

On top of all of that, the game comes with a GameTrayz insert, transforming your box into a two-storey casino!!  

Campaign ends 5th September

Struggle of Empires

Kickstarter Highlights - Struggle of Empires Deluxe

A big fancy deluxe version of a heavy civilisation game with attached names like Eagle-Gryphon and Martin Wallace, well, we couldn’t really not feature this game.  Set in the 18th century, the industrial age is dawning and spirit of adventure and colonization is everywhere. In a game that spans decades you’ll have to carefully manage you military forces, your economy and your growing empire in order to keep ahead, more than that though you must forge alliances with other players around the table to wage war and reap the spoils of your victory.

The version has all new artwork and graphic design and comes with some official variants to change up how the game plays (two of which were supplied by Mr Wallace himself).  There has also been a much needed streamlining of the rule book making it easier than ever before to rule the world. 

Campaign ends 30th August

Muffin Time: The Random Card Game

Kickstarter Highlights - Muffin Time

Big Potato makes the best party games.  Fact!
Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell makes unbridled hilariousness.
Combine the two and you have a hilarious party game.
This is a straight up hand management game with a simple premise and simple rules that will have you playing, dicking on your opponents and laughing your ass off in no time.  

Campaign ends 13th September

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in previous Kickstarter Highlights
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On the Rocks ends 22nd August
Kisarta ends 22nd August
Sleeping Gods ends 30th August
HandyMaps ends 31st August
Fiasco ends September 4th
Fired Up ends 4th September
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