Kickstarter Highlights 10th September

Kickstarter Highlights - Donning The Purple Votes and Virtues Expansion, District 9 The Board Game, Fired Up, Yedo Deluxe

This week’s Kickstarter Highlights sports the strap line “The Remake, the relaunch and the expansion” because it features, well...a remake/second edition, some Kickstarter relaunches and a PHC much anticipated expansion. 

Yedo Deluxe Master Set

Kickstarter Highlights - Yedo Deluxe

This campaign for the deluxe second edition of the heavy strategy game Yedo is one I’ve been looking forward to since Steve and I were teased some information about it back in May.

Players assume the roles of clan leaders in the early years of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Yedo, known now as Tokyo.  With multiple paths to victory and deep rich player interaction, this is a game high up on my want to play list.

This version features all new artwork, new components and the ability to adjust how much negative interaction there is in a game.  Obviously, at Collider Towers we play on Extreme Dick Mode...   

Campaign ends 20th September

Donning the Purple:Votes & Virtue

Kickstarter Highlights - Donning The Purple Votes and Virtues Expansion

Steve and Andy were able to sit and play a demo of this absolutely belting expansion for Donning the Purple during the UK Games Expo (which was then discussed on the podcast here)

In short it’s great and to quote Steve: 
“Knowing [the expansion] is there I’d prefer to use the Senate everytime now”

So if you want to expand Donning the Purple to up to four players and if you want to make this belting game even beltier(?) then this is for you.

Campaign ends 4th October

District 9: The Boardgame

Kickstarter Highlights - District 9 The Board Game

I rewatched the film at the weekend after seeing the boardgame’s return to Kickstarter and it really is a top film.  Can you believe it’s 10 years old already?  Ten years!  Anyway...

This dudes on a map, area control game pits up to 4 players against each other as they try to seize and maintain control of District 9 and in doing so, unearth the most amount of alien tech.   The game takes place during the same three days as the film, with each player taking the role of different factions, such as the Prawns, the MNU, Military or the gangsters, each with its own set of rules and play styles.  The mega Mech will appear at some point and wreak havoc, and no-one is really sure what Wikus is going to do next.  

This relaunch sees some further tweaks to the asymmetry, more art and more in the base box.

Worth noting for UK backers is that shipping is, in my opinion “quite high” and does not currently include tax, duties and/or customs (obviously this is dependent on Brexit so it is subject to change, but you’ve been warned). 

Campaign ends 26th September

Fired Up

Kickstarter Highlights - Fired Up

Stop me if you’ve heard this one; Fired Up is a futuristic gladiatorial combat game, where all manner of jacked up cyborg like beefcakes and killer robots bout it out all in the name of entertainment.  The difference with Fired Up is that instead of player the gladiatorial fighters, you are instead playing the audience.

Avid reader that you are, you’ve definitely read that before because that’s what we said in early August when the the first game launched. Listening to and taking on backer feedback Drawlab Entertainment have returned to Kickstarter with a more compelling and competitive offering.

Players will use their custom dice to influence the fight by cheering or jeering, encouraging and even getting the fighters to change targets.  The aim is to have the most entertaining fight of your life, but players also have secret objectives and are attempting to manipulate the fight to go their way, this time around Kickstarter backers are getting a heap of expansions and extras in with their pledge that will cost extra once the game goes into retail. 

Campaign ends 18th September

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in previous Kickstarter Highlights
Kickstarter Highlights - Board Game Book, Merchants Cove, Successors, Solar Storm

Merchant’s Cove ends 11th September
Successors ends 13th September
Numenera Liminal Shores ends 14th September
The Board Game Book ends 2nd October
Solar Storm ends 3rd October

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