Kickstarter Highlights 3rd September

Kickstarter Highlights - Board Game Book, Merchants Cove, Successors, Solar Storm

Did you miss me?  It’s okay, I understand, look we all need a little break from Kickstarter now and then, and sometimes there just isn’t enough new stuff to warrant bringing to your eyeballs.  Here at Polyhedron Collider we don’t simply pay lip service to any old campaign, no, we’re only going to talk about games we (well, at least one of us) is actually interested in, or in Andy’s case, are backing backing.  

So, this week we have a heavy wargame, a book, some asymmetrical shenanigans and a very challenging co-op. 


Kickstarter Highlights - Successors

This fourth edition of Successors, this time from Phalanx games is probably the most deluxe version of the game yet.  Stunning art, fantastic miniatures on top of a revised, clear and concise rulebook making this tense and highly strategic wargame more accessible than ever.

Needless to say, Andy was one of the first backers for this bad boy.

Campaign ends 13th September

The Board Game Book

Kickstarter Highlights - Board Game Book

We briefly discussed volume one of this board game book on the recent podcast. An excellent addition to any coffee table, packed full of great games, organised by game category with neat overviews, insightful interviews and all packaged up with stunning photos and excellently produced.

Volume 2 looks to bring more pages, more original journalism, more exclusive designer interviews and gorgeous board game photography.   

So, whether you are new to the hobby or a veteran looking for another collectable to chronicle and commentate on your ever growing collection this is a campaign to check out.

Campaign ends 2nd October  

Solar Storm

Kickstarter Highlights - Solar Storm

Steve took a closer look at this small footprint and fiendishly difficult co-op game about rescuing your space ship from the gravity well of a sun.  Work together to patch malfunctions and connect non-essential ship systems in order to escape your firey death.

You can read Steve’s full review here

Campaign ends 3rd October

Merchant’s Cove

Kickstarter Highlights - Merchants Cove

An asymetric Euro game where players will be looking to be the best and most wealthy merchant in Merchant’s Cove.  Each player not only has unique components but also has unique mechanics.  You’ll be looking to balance your plan between time spent completing task to create goods for your store or by adjusting the market and encouraging different types of customers to the remote island.

There’s marbles, dice, miniatures and time travel and at least 50% of the Collider Crew are all of this!
Campaign ends 11th September

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in previous Kickstarter Highlights
Kickstarter Highlights - Burgle Bros 2 Casion Capers, Numenera Liminal Shores Struggle of Empires Deluxe Muffin Time

Fiasco ends September 4th
Fired Up ends 4th September
Burgle Bros 2 The Casino Capers ends 5th September
Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide for 5th Edition ends 7th September
Muffin Time: The Random Card Game ends 13th September
Numenera Liminal Shores ends 14th September

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