Kickstarter Highlights 24th September

Kickstarter Highlights Titan, Godspeed, Forbidden Lands, Root RPG, Carbon City Zero

This is just the beginning.  We are on the road to Essen Spiel 2019 now so expect a slew of amazing games to be making their appearance not just on Kickstarter, but everywhere, but this being the Kickstarter Highlights, we’ll keep our scope limited to crowdfunded games.

This week we have a number of debut designers, as well as a smattering of RPG veterans, bring us new and exciting games with twists on familiar concepts and mechanics.  So whether you’re looking for a light, medium or heavyweight game, or a new RPG system or campaign, we’ve got you covered.


Kickstarter Highlights - Godspeed

Godspeed boasts a new and special worker placement system where each worker in a player’s pool is uniquely skilled, which to my mind immediately ramps up the “Interesting Choices” dial several notches. There is also a very intriguing level of player negotiation/coercion where players will have to “work together” to meet the demands of an event where all players need to be invested to receive a round bonus, otherwise all players receive a penalty. On top of that, the end game scoring system is a bit different too, with final scores being calculated on a players relative position on various tracks to one another.  

All in all, this game looks really interesting on paper and seems to be exploring new and different ways to bring player interaction into games.  Despite this being the first game from designers Clayton Hargrave and Adam Hill, it is being published by Panadasaurus Games, which in my book have a great track record for production quality and development (with the one exception of the Mind) so this game gets two thumbs up from me.

Campaign ends 19th October 


Kickstarter Highlights - Titan

Andy Lewis “Titan is a heavy Euro and puts you in the place of a company employee trying to mine resources on Saturn’s titular largest moon. To do so, you need to build mining operations which mine for the various resources on offer which permit different further activities as per the usual Euro affair. Build pipes between these buildings and you can pipe those lovely resources back to your mothership for points, prizes and other such delights.

However, being a filthy human, you introduce pollution to the environment by building all this machinery and that needs to be removed before you can reap the rewards of planetary (or, indeed, lunar) resource exploitation. The twist is that you can pipe things from opponents’ buildings which allows for lots of thievery, backstabbing and overall domination.

So we have a network, resource planning, multi-faceted Euro on offer with a massive board and hundreds of pieces. Colour me interested.”

Campaign ends 8th October

ForbiddenLands - The Bitter Reach

Kickstarter Highlights - Forbidden Lands

Did you also miss out on the Forbidden Lands RPG Kickstarter last year? Have you finished kicking yourself?  Good, because the good folks at Fria Ligan have included an option to get the second printing of the ENnie and UK Games Expo Award winning box set.  For those of you who were smart enough to get in at the beginning you can look forward to a massive 200+ page expansion, the Bitter Reach, which naturally features new monsters, new encounters and a new campaign, Wake of the Winter King.

The Forbidden Lands is a tabletop roleplaying game about exploring the recently revealed forbidden lands, and with its map board and sticker (yay stickers!)it's perfect for a West Marches style campaign.  The look and style of the game may appear very old school, but the rules are modern, meaning there’s no faffing with table after table, just straightforward action and exploration.

In short, everything about this game sounds amazing and the art and cartography from Alvaro Tapia and Tobias Tranell is breathtaking.

Campaign ends 2nd October

Root the Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Kickstarter Highlights - Root the Tabletop Roleplaying Game RPG

It should come a s no real surprise to learn the Root is a much loved game here at Collider Towers, and since we are also a bit fond of roleplaying games, this campaign has us very, very excited.

With an entry level pledge of £16 for PDF copies of all the material needed plus the free Quickstart Taster...I’m really struggling for a reason to not back this (other than the fact that Andy and Steve blatantly will/already have) 

Campaign ends 20th October 

Carbon City Zero

Kickstarter Highlights - Carbon City Zero

Our non-wizard friends over at We’re Not Wizards had this to say about this game:
“Carbon City Zero isn't just a game with a message, it's a great fun easily accessible card game with an important message"  

This is the first game from publisher 10:10 Climate Action and the designing duo of Sam Illingworth and Paul Wake, which all adds up to mean you’ll be supporting and encouraging a new British company, new British based designers with a mind to create games that have a deep and important message behind the simple enjoyment of playing a game.

Campaign ends 19th October 

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in previous Kickstarter Highlights 
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The Board Game Book ends 2nd October
Solar Storm ends 3rd October
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