Kickstarter Highlights 9th October

Kickstarter Highlights Sumo Gnomes, 1565 St Elmos PAy, Sub Terra 2, Skinny Minis, Senet Magazine, Oathsworn, Heart RPG, Grand Carnival

Soooooo many games!  

There's just loads and loads of great campaigns running at the moment and here to help you navigate this bountiful and luxurious cardboard landscape is the Polyhedron Collider Kickstarter Highlights!

Some of the campaigns mentioned below have been running for a little while now already (we've only just spotted them in time ourselves) so pay close attention to the end date and get involved if it sounds like your type of game.

Don't forget that not only do we look at new campaigns you'll also find links to previously mentioned games at the bottom of this article.

Heart: The City Beneath RPG

Kickstarter Highlights - Heart The City Beneath

What happens when you delve too deep? What happens when simple adventuring into the dark corners of the underdark become an obsession? Heart: The City Beneath, the latest tabletop RPG from Grant Howitt, dares to ask these questions.

In the sprawling underdark of the Heart, there are many riches and treasures to be recovered and many lost places to be discovered. But every player has a dark obsession, something that drives them into the dark places of the earth, because quite frankly no sane person would go into a nightmare infested underground wilderness.

Heart is based on Grant’s previous RPG, Spire, but improves the mechanics and includes rules for mapping the Heart, in a manner more reminiscent of legacy board game than an RPG, making each campaign completely different.

Campaign ends 17th October

The Grand Carnival

Kickstarter Highlights - Grand Carnival

This game has my name all over it. Simple and very accessible rules and gameplay but with a clear depth.  The need for planning and consideration as players build up their travelling carnival, selecting foundations and attractions, moving gustes and recruiting workers (Carnival Barkers) in this action selection, spatial awareness game featuring delightful 1930’s style art from Ryan Goldserry.  

Campaign ends 10th October 

Skinny Minis

Kickstarter Highlights - Skinny Minis

If you want an almost painfully easy way to bring fantastic miniatures to your tabletop role playing games with next to no effort on your part then look no further than skinny minis.  Highly detailed rated printed front and back on thin (yet durable) clear plastic these sets will bring heaps of colour and flavour to you next RPG session without hours upon hours of flying and painting.

Seriously, the biggest problem I'm having with this campaign is deciding how much to buy.

Campaign ends 26th October

1565 St Elmo’s Pay

Kickstarter Highlights - 1565 St Elmos Pay

St. Elmo's pay recreates one of history's greatest sieges, that of the Siege of Malta  where 30,000 soldiers of the Ottoman Empire attempt to wipe out the 500 already weary Knights of St.John.  

It's an asymmetric card game of delicate synergy and careful balance and is the successor to 1066, Tears to Many Mothers (which you can read the review here) and since it uses the exact same system the two games are actually fully compatible,which is both a feat of game design and time travel all in one.

Campaign ends 1st November

Sumo Gnomes

Kickstarter Highlights - Sumo Gnomes

This is super lightweight, super fast dice wrestling game ideal if you want to play on the go, want something else to do while your friend, let's call him Jon, decides what he is going to do in the other game you're playing or if you are a fan of small and tightly designed games.

You can read my full review of it here too.

Campaign ends 1st November

Sub Terror 2: Inferno's Edge

Kickstarter Highlights - Sub Terra 2 Infernos Edge

I was there for the first campaign and have kept an eye on this one since I first heard of it. 

This sequel game has an Indianna Jones style twist as you explore into a temple avoiding traps and cave it in an attempt to first unlock the tomb, retrieve the treasure and then escape before the halls and passageways will with lava.

Campaign ends 13th November

Oathsworn: Into Deepwood 

Kickstarter Highlights - Oathsworn Into Deepwood

We've been talking about, and very eagerly awaiting the launch of this game since May (for once we are the very bleeding edge of hot games).  It made our pre Expo hit list and afterwards Jon and Steve chatted and giggled about it excitedly like a pair of Japanese schoolgirls.  

A sprawling Legacy dungeon crawl game with a new "twisting tales" mechanic at its heart.  Exciting push your luck combat that is quick and exciting and jaw dropping miniatures.

Campaign ends 5th November

Senat Magazine

Kickstarter Highlights - Senet Magazine

Senate is a new and independent premium print magazine about board games created by Dan Jolin (former features editor for Empire magazine) and James Hunter (former ART director of the Sunday Times).

Each issue will not only cover board game reviews but also feature in-depth looks into facets of the community and board game mechanics Along with interviews with designers, artists and publishers.

You can support this campaign with a product for as little as £7.

Campaign ends 8th November 

Lest we forget, there are a host of other games still live on Kickstarter that we've talked about in previous Kickstarter Highlights
Kickstarter Highlights Titan, Godspeed, Forbidden Lands, Root RPG, Carbon City Zero

Carbon City Zero ends 19th October 
Godspeed ends 19th October 
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