Sneaking into Kickstarter this month is Ace of Spies a sneaky game of card collecting.

In the early days of collectible card games players had to buy a completely random set of cards and then try and cobble a playable deck from the cards available. Then starter decks where introduced that allowed players to play straight out of the box and then supplement their deck by buying packs of randomised booster packs. It’s the format that has worked for the world’s leading collectible card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pok√©mon and Yu-gi-oh. The system is stolen wholesale from the trading card and or sticker album system and even has levels of rarity with some of the most powerful cards also being the rarest. This randomness means getting hold of the card you want requires complete luck and could involve buying hundreds of booster packs.

 What constitutes a classic? The Morgan is a classic car because of its history and enduring style. Citizen Kane is a classic film because of its great story and filming techniques that still seem fresh today. What about classic games? Monopoly? Chess? Carcassonne?

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