Have you ever played Yahtzee? Of course you have. It’s a simple game mechanic, roll some dice and choose which ones you want to re-role, whatever you’re left with is your result. In this First Impressions I look at two games that use this basic mechanics but make games much more monstrous than Yahtzee.

How do you describe a game like Neuroshima Hex? It’s a Euro-style tile-laying game but with guns? It’s a miniatures skirmish game without dice or miniatures? It’s a collectible card game played on a board? It’s post-apocalyptic asymmetrical chess? Neuroshima Hex is all these things and it’s absolutely awesome!

I don’t play a lot of miniature wargames but when I do Warhammer 40,000 is my main game. My problem is this game doesn’t really sit with my current play style. My wargaming friends and I would rather have two or three short battles then a whole day long slog and I always think 40k really needs at least 1000 points battle to get its momentum going. So we decided to try a bit of Warmachine.
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