There’s no such thing as an Arkham Horror videogame. It seems like a hole in the market as there is a desire for such a thing but as yet Fantasy Flight Games haven’t pushed the giant of horror board gaming into the digital domain. They have however done the next best thing and created a digital version of Arkham Horror’s dice based little brother Elder Sign for those advanced telephonic devices in the form of Elder Sign: Omens.

Are you thinking of getting into a miniature wargame but are baffled by most of the options? Not sure which rulebooks to buy and what are the miniatures you need to start a game? With many miniature games this is a problem; you need to buy a rulebook first just to get an understanding of what miniatures are required, when what you really want is get everything you need in one go. Many game publishers have released starter sets for this very need. They usually include a full set of rules and two starter factions; everything you need to play. Over the last few weeks quite a few starter boxes have been released or announced so let’s have a look at the newest starter sets on the market ready to get you into table top miniature games.

Following from my post about 3D printing your own game components at home. Well this chap has been manufacturing dice since the 1970s and has some very interesting things to say about how dice are manufactured.

Have you ever watched an episode of Star Trek and wanted to have your very own replicator? Of course you have and you’re not the only one. For years the world’s top engineers have been designing ways of making things out of simple raw materials without the need for an entire workshop. In the past these devices have been massively expensive to buy and very messy to run. In the last few years the technology in 3D printing has advanced to the point where a 3D printer is within the price range of the home user.

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