Many moons ago Games Workshop released the fourth edition of their eighties board game Talisman under their Black Library brand. The game have since transferred to those blinged up game peddlers Fantasy Flight but included in the original Black Library version was a small advert for a video game version of Talisman for Xbox and PC by Capcom. Sadly the Capcom version was never heard of again. Capcom eventually blamed the project’s cancellation on the difficulties of replicating the social experience of playing Talisman in a virtual environment and that a typical game of Talisman can last 5 hours and that was the end of that.

 When I got back into Warhammer 40k last year I raided my attic for miniatures and did the best I could to rearrange my Eldar army into a 5th edition force. The original miniatures were all bought for 2nd edition so there was some rejigging required to bring the units in line with the latest codex. Most of these were simple changes and were supplemented by eBay purchases to try and keep the model styles in line; buying exarchs for aspect warrior squads was where most of my effort was concentrated. One massive hole in the army was the Autarch, a combat based HQ unit that would be better suited to my low point games than expensive lava gods or psychic heavy witches. So I stumped up the cash for the latest Eldar Autarch model in Citadel’s finecast range.

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