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As a kid growing up in the 80's there was a trinity of cartoons that came known to me as the never ending stories. These where series of foreign made animations that no matter how many you watched you never seemed to be able to see all of them, I don't know whether there were just hundreds of episodes or if Edd the Duck was screwing with my mind. These three unwatchable shows where Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, Mysterious Cities of Gold and Around the World with Willy Fogg.

This last cartoon transformed Phileas Fogg into an anprhopomorphic lion and stretched out his adventures into 26 episodes of animated fun. Spurred on by this enjoyable kids TV program a group of wealthy gentlemen set a bet to travel by rail to as many of America’s cities in 7 days. In Ticket to Ride you take the role of one of these chaps with more money than sense as you lay down plastic trains onto a stylised map of the USA. The thing is you do this by physically putting train cars on a board and building routes between cities. This leads everyone to think Ticket to Ride is about building railways but thematically this game is actually about travelling.

There's a bit of meme going through the various gaming blogs at the moment where writers are answering a series of questions to prove if they are a proper wargamer. The Wargaming Site started it all off and, in his usual in depth style, Sir Frontline gamer has written a lengthy piece about why we should ignore it. This makes the rest of this article rather academic but here goes anyway.

Table top gaming can be an expensive hobby. Whether it’s collecting all the source books for your favourite RPG, building up your miniature armies or chasing the latest hot board game (with all of its expansions of course) it can take quite a bit of investment. It doesn’t need to be this way and in this article I’m going to look at the approximate cost of setting up a game for a table top miniature game. This doesn’t include the cost of an actual table top or any scenery and terrain but it does consider the cost required for two people to get a game together. All prices listed are the recommended retail price (RRP) in UK pounds. In all cases I’ve assumed you’re going to be using official models and no proxies.

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