It’s the end of the year so no gaming blog is complete without a glut of ‘best of the year’ posts and being the sheep that we are at Polyhedron Collider here's the first post following that tired clichĂ©. Here we're going to look at my best games of 2012 that I played. Unfortunately there are far too many great games that I've not had the opportunity to play and I'll start by doing a recap of those.
Fast on the heels of the Talisman release, it's been a big month for digital licences of Games Workshop games. There have been two major announcements in the form of a Creative Assembly Warhammer game as well as a video game of the classic Space Hulk board game. But they are not the only games currently in development.

Total War(hammer)

The first big news announcement recently was that Creative Assembly, developers of the Total War series of PC games has obtained the rights to Warhammer Fantasy and is going to make several games based on the licence. There are zero details at this point but the development house have made a history for themselves creating in depth, regiment based battles that perfectly suit the Warhammer licence.

Now imagine this but with Orcs
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