Ascension Chronicle of the Godslayer iOS review

There are those in the world that think that tabletop games and video games are at odds with each other; they think that the xboxes and PS3s of this world are driving people away from the hobby. There are those that go further and reckon that making a digital version of their beloved board or card game will mean people won’t buy a physical copy. Days of Wonder and Ticket to Ride have proved that, for them at least, the sale of iOS versions of their board games has actually increased sales of the physical product. This isn’t always the case, and in the case of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer an iOS port of Gary Games’ deckbuilding  game means I will probably never buy the tiny bits of card.
  So you have assembled and carefully painted all your favourite miniatures, how are you going to store and transport them? A biscuit tin? An old shoe box wrapped in toilet paper? This was the dilemma I was facing with my recently acquired Warmachine miniatures. The above ideas weren’t going to work and already having one model getting damaged due to some hard braking and a box flying off the back seat of my car I need to get something a bit more elegant. For some time I’d been eyeing up foam cases from the likes of Games Workshop, Battle foam and KR Muilticase. I decided the time was due to take the plunge and got my hands on a KR Card Case for Warmachine.

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