A while back I did a preview of some very intriguing card games coming to digital devices. These weren’t just digital conversions of existing collectible card games but new properties that took advantage of the digital medium. A few weeks back I looked at Solforge and couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. Well over the last week I’ve been playing the Cardhunter beta and, quite frankly, it’s brilliant.

I love video games and a couple of weeks ago we saw the news that Plaid Hat Games where producing a board game based on the lore and setting of Bioshock Infinite. It’s a shame that there's not more games based off of video game properties. Board Game Quest covered all the bases of the best video games that exist but there's a rich compendium of video games just begging to be transcribed into cardboard and dice. Here's my top picks for which video games would make brilliant board games and which already existing board games come close.

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