Did Star Wars Armada leak X-Wing Wave 7?
Last week’s GAMA Trade Show had some great news for those of us interested in Star Wars Armada. But in the news of all the new ships for Armada wave 2 there were some very strong hints about new ships for X-Wing Wave 7. 

The main question is, what are these ships and what can they mean for future upgrade cards.
This last week has seen the advent of the GAMA (Game Manufacturing Association) trade show from Las Vegas and there has been some big gaming news from the show. In the past GAMA has mainly been a trade only even and top news was short on the list but this year however there have been some really big announcements and sneak peeks.
Neon Sanctum Interview
Neon Sanctum is a post-apocalyptic card driven science fiction roleplaying game that’s currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. I spoke to the game’s designer Adam Waite about the game, play testing and making a full time job in the game’s industry.
Warhammer 40,000 Forbidden Stars 
Fantasy Flight Games have announced Warhammer 40,000 Forbidden Stars, another game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and the latest in their collaborations with Games Workshop, and the game looks suspiciously similar to an old video game based board game.
Wizard's Academy Preview Review
We’ve opened a portal to a fire dimension, a water dimension and the troll dimension. The library is on fire, the study room is six feet under water and there’s a demon in the lecture theatre, and for once we’re not talking about the lecturer for advanced transmogrification studies. Yes, it’s a typical day at the Wizard’s Academy.
The weird thing about XCOM The Board Game is there is no rule book. It’s one of those things you expect to find with a board game and when you first open XCOM you’ll be hunting for one and thinking Fantasy Flight Games have forgotten to put your rulebook in the box. However, there is no rulebook. XCOM is designed to be played with an app on your tablet or laptop. This isn’t some companion piece of software that helps the game run more smoothly, no, the XCOM app is integral to the game, and without the app this game just wouldn’t be XCOM.
Thunderbirds Matt Leacock and Chris Birch interview
As a kid growing up in the UK, it’s hard not to have been a fan of Gerry Anderson and his puppet based TV programs. Whether it was the aqua adventures of Stingray, the dark action of Captain Scarlet or the far future science fiction of Terrahawks, Gerry Anderson’s television shows where everything a growing boy needs; action, adventure, heroes and futuristic technology. Out of all of Gerry’s creations it’s Thunderbirds that has had the most resonance. Thunderbirds, also known as International Rescue, where made up of the Tracy family and some friends as well as an array of super high tech vehicles and rescue equipment.  International Rescue could get to a disaster, evaluate the problem, and get the necessary equipment there quicker than anyone else. Natural disasters weren’t the only adversaries that the Tracy family had to face because the malicious Hood was always on their tail.
textWarhammer 40,000 Conquest the Great Devourer
Fantasy Flight Games have announce the first deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Conquest and it’s those slimy, horned, many toothed original bio-terrorists the Tyranids. The Great Devourer is a deluxe expansion that introduces the first of the promised extra factions to Warhammer 40,000 Conquest; we’ll probably be waiting for Necrons in the next deluxe expansion.
Blood Rage Kickstarter Launch
Viking battle game Blood Rage, one of Polyhedron Collider’s games to look forward to in 2015, has hit Kickstarter. Not only did the game fund in minutes it looks like it’s going to be another Kickstarter smash hit.
RESISTOR_  Review resistor 2 player hacking card game
RESISTOR_ is a card game about hacking but is nothing like real hacking. Then again hacking as shown in the movies is nothing like real hacking. Real hacking is rather boring to watch, and rather bewildering to do. RESISTOR_ on the other hand is enormous fun, even if it does make your brain hurt some times.
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