UK Games Expo 2015 
The map of tabletop gaming is a lot like the map of these Great British Isles. To the south we have the sophisticated and learned board games, the far reaches of the north hold the great untamed wilds of the collectible card game, over the hills to the west there be the dragons and wizards of roleplaying games and from Nottingham the kings of miniature war games hold court. And right in the centre of it all is the UK Games Expo.
X-Wing wave 7
After some rampant speculation and grainy leaked images we finally have X-Wing Wave 7 officially confirmed by Fantasy Flight Games.
X-Wing Wave 7 leaked
Remember last month how we wrote some wild speculation about what ships would be in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Wave 7?

Based on the new ships for Star Wars Armada we thought we had a pretty good idea about what ships will be making the move from fleet manoeuvres to dog fighting. Only one of those guesses where true as Team Covenant leaked the real ships of Wave 7.

Surviving One Month In
When the zombie apocalypse finally arrives us board gamers are all going to be well prepare because games like Surviving: One Month In have trained us in how to construct a base, working as a team and scavenging the wastelands.
This year’s UK Games Expo is only six weeks away! That means it’s time to start looking at some events and what could be better than some epic fantasy roleplaying with Pathfinder, as the Pathfinder Society and Syrinscape have teamed up for this year’s weekend of gaming.
Vampire Hunters Board Game kickstarter news
Holy water?
Cross bow?

We’re all tooled up which means one of only two things, we’re either going vampire hunting or I’m being forced to watch the Twilight saga again! The good news is we don’t have to watch Bella Swan sulk in a chair for an hour because Vampire Hunters from Dark Gate Games is on Kickstarter now.
Lords of War Elves vs Lizardmen
By now you should know all about Lords of War. You don’t! Well it’s a very clever two player card game, where the location of your card is just as important as how hard it is. Black Box Games have had great success with the game so far, Dwarves vs Orcs, Elves vs Lizardmen, Templars vs Undead, magic and weather, well now they are returning to Kickstarter to add some magical power ups to the Elves and Lizardmen factions.
Spell Saga single player card game
It’s difficult trying to work out what Spell Saga actually is, and I think it’s all on purpose. There’s something about a boy, and the end of the world and some weird monsters. Or maybe the whole thing is just a dream.
 Arcasam: Beat The Dragon
So Battleborn Legacy wasn’t enough fantasy for you then? Then you need to heat things up a bit with a Dragon, Arcasam: Beat The Dragon to be precise.
Battleborn Legacy
How much fantasy do you want? Some fantasy? Here, have an orc. Oh, you wanted more fantasy, how about a dwarf and an elf? Sorry, you want even more fantasy than that? Basically what you’re saying is you want all of the fantasy, therefore you want Battleborn Legacy.
Feel like the Iron Bank of Bravos with Game of Thrones Metal Coins
Shire Post Mint is a misleading company name, but only in a really pedantic way, because they’re not based in the Shire. I should know I live in the shire, no I’m serious, and Tolkien’s Shire was influenced by Worcestershire where I currently live. Shire Post Mint is in fact based in those United States of America and makes its way in the world by minting licensed fantasy coins and at the moment they’re running a Kickstarter to fund a selection of Game of Thrones coins.
Icarus Miniatures show off first sculpt
Icarus Miniatures gained quite a bit of praise from the internet when the artwork for their female trooper looked like she was ready for battle and not about to start dancing around a pole. It was refreshing to see a female in sensible combat armour.

Now Icarus Miniatures have revealed the first digital sculpt for their upcoming sci-fi skirmish war game; the Icarus Project and it’s a bad ass bounty hunter with a big gun.
Symbaroum Interview
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not every game in the world is created in English, that there’s a rich world of board games, miniature games and roleplaying games outside of our snug little language comfort blanket. But there are games out there, games that are such huge hits in their native tongue that someone decides it’s time to bring them to the wider world. The roleplaying game Symbaroum is currently on this journey and the reason for the game’s translation comes from an unlikely place.
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