Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still a few months away, but huge swathes of licensed products are just around the corner, September the 4th to be correct. We already know this means more ships for Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game, and possibly Star Wars Armada, are on their way, not only because Mr Christian Peterson of Fantasy Flight Games told us but because some of the new ships leaked on line last week.

So with what little we know about The Force Awakens can we start predicting which ships will make it to X-Wing and Armada? Of course we can, let rampant speculation commence!
Star Wars Imperial Assault Review
A review of Star Wars Imperial Assault could simply read thus: Its Descent 3rd Edition with Star Wars.

This straightforward statement sums up the entire experience and easily works better than any review score. If you liked Descent Second Edition and you like Star Wars then go out and buy this game, seriously, you don’t even need to read the rest of this review.

Not only does Imperial Assault beautifully combine these two elements, it improves upon the older game, making for a tighter, more rewarding experience with a an extra two-player miniatures skirmish game added for free.
Star Wars the Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set

Update 2: Force Friday has been and gone and now Fantasy Flight Games have officially announced the Force Awakens Core Set.

Update: Images of the Pilot Cards for both ships have been leaked, see below.

Original Story: Based on the talk from Fantasy Flight Games' Inflight Report at Gen Con, we knew we were getting new X-Wing ships from the new Force Awakens and that all the parts had been manufactured already. Well now we have proof as images of a new Force Awakens X-Wing core set have been leaked.

LUGU Review

I’m always a bit unsure about storytelling games, it’s not that I’m afraid of the concept I’m more afraid of the implementation. Dungeons and Dragons is, at its heart, a storytelling game but can easily turn into a tactical battle game. Getting players to let go and make up stories is always something I am worried isn’t going to happen. I thought this may be the case with LUGU, a story telling card game from Card Tower Games and Modiphius, but LUGU showed me that storytelling is not only natural, but bloody funny at the same time.
Dungeon Calling: The Forgotten Realms Rabbithole

So we’re a few weeks into our Mines of Phandelvar adventure and I wanted to make a small sidetrek, partly because I want to leave a few weeks gap between adventures and write ups so that my players don’t get the adventure spoiled and partly because something has been bugging me right from the start, the Forgotten Realms.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against the Forgotten Realms as a setting, it has become the de facto standard for Dungeons and Dragons for many years, even way back in mid-nineties when my previous D&D sessions where in full swing, the Forgotten Realms where still the primary setting that TSR focused on. While it was true that TSR supported a veritable menagerie of settings, the Realms always received top billing.
X-Wing Wave 8
Gen Con 2015 is in full swing and, as is the custom, Fantasy Flight Games’ Inflight Report outlined several upcoming releases. Not least was X-Wing Wave 8 and some of the ships might look familiar to you if you’ve been paying attention.
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