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There is an important mantra in the world of tabletop gaming “the dice must flow”, to misquote a famous sci-fi novel.  When we started this little weekly news roundup we were worried that there may be one or two games a week we could mention. We were wrong, as yet again we are faced with a pile of board game news bigger than a spice worm's… melange deposit.

This week we've got exciting news about a Dune reprint, a new Die Hard board game and news on a D&D movie and a tabletop gaming TV show.
Root Underworld Expansion Exodus Chronicles Feudum Ramparts and Rudders Ghost Star For Treasure Kickstarter Highlights

Once again, we here at Collider Towers have selflessly thrown ourselves (and our wallets) at Kickstarter in order to bring you, dear reader, news of some of the most interesting campaigns currently running. 

This week we have solo games, expansions, re-implementations and a brand new kid on the block.

Jon and Steve are back from a weekend of gaming at Airecon. Andy, however, couldn’t make it and tells us his tale of woe along with a novel method of reducing the size of his board game collection.

We talk about our live show, Family Fortunes and the games we played at Airecon; including Villainous, Space Base, and the digital version of Scythe.

Mistborn: House War Review

Take a multi-million selling fantasy IP and a board game about revolution, negotiation and backstabbing and you have Mistborn: House War...almost, what you’ll have is a really great idea for a game that this want really wants to be.
News Collider Board Game News Pathfinder 2nd Ed Judge Dredd Wildlands Batman Talisman Fallout RPG Unmatched Critical Role Comic

IP IP Hooray! You can’t swing a News Collider in here without hitting at least one license tie-in and this week we have Fallout Vaults, Talisman Batman, Wildlands Judge Dredd, Unmatched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a Critical Role comic book.  Plus Steve & Jon head to the tabletop games convention, Airecon and why boardgame can help you live longer.
Polyhedron Collider - Kickstarter Highlights

We’re trying a little experiment here at Polyhedron Collider. We’ve rather enjoyed putting together a regular burst of noise and we feel it needs a little expansion. So we’ve also decided to do a regular round up of crowdfunding campaigns. 

The aim is not to be just a splat of every tabletop Kickstarter going, but a carefully crafted collection of the games and projects we ourselves are excited about.

The rest of the Polyhedron Collider crew are getting all excited about going to Airecon tomorrow. They’re running around the office like a group of six-year olds after a bin bag full of Haribo, arguing over what games to play while extolling the virtues of cream teas and raspberry mojitos. I, however, am stuck at the news desk trying to get some actual work done.

And there’s plenty to write about, from more Harry Potter, more Ghostbusters and more Monopoly and Cluedo/Clue versions. Maybe I should just go ridicule Andy for his game choices.

Review Roundup - Good Cop Bad Cop, Vektorace Formula 8, Doodle Rush, Krowdfunder and Doomsday Bots

Sometimes there’s just not enough to write about a game. Maybe it’s very light, maybe it feels too much like another game or maybe it’s just bloody awful.  In those cases we present the Review Roundup, a selection of short form board game reviews that make sure you’re informed without wasting time on regurgitating rulebooks or trying to find some hidden depth.
Hanamikoji Review

Hanamikoji will grab you by the short ones as soon as it hits the table.  From the moment that first card is drawn, you’ll be engaged, engrossed and you’ll love almost every agonising minute of this short, two-player game.  What Hanamikoji does—and does really, really well—is that it realises that a great game is not one that poses a multitude of choices, but forces important choices.  
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