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In this very special birthday issue of the News Collider (my birthday, not the news Collider, but you already knew that since you clearly remember the party we had at the end of October).  I'd love to be very indulgent and tell you about the new Batman board game which has as much focus on being a detective as well as being a ninja, or the amazing worker placement war game based on Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight novels...but neither of those things are real.

Instead, I can tell you about the forthcoming Rivers of London RPG from Chaosium, that the UK Games Expo tickets went on sale for the end of May 2020 and then there's is the big news about the Gloomhaven sequel that I find hard to get excited about because I've still. only played one game of the original.
Magnate: The First City

It is said that a lady’s prerogative is to change her mind. Now, as I’m sure the rest of Polyhedron Collider will tell you, I aint no lady, but I am on the verge of changing my mind. Rory and I played the prototype of Magnate: The First City at UK Games Expo earlier this year and we both walked away thinking “that was bloody brilliant”. If you don’t believe us, it’s in actual audio format for all to hear.
Board Game News Collider - Asmodee Aconyte Reveals first titles, good for mental health, Dungeons and dragons movie, One RIng cancelled Cubicle 7

This week’s News Collider brings you further proof that playing board and card games are good for your mental health, we have more details over the book and movie board game tie-ins to look forward to over the next two years and a very unfortunate story for fans of The Lord of the Rings: The One Ring.
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