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Welcome back to the News Collider, collecting the best, most interesting and strangest tidbits of board gaming news from around the tabletop gaming community.

This week we take a look at the rise and rise of solo modes in board games, a quick look at the Kid’s Game of the Year Award winner and the new album and record label from Critical Role.
Akropolis Board Game Review

Come and build your city, your Acropolis! Command the high ground and adorn the hill with lush gardens, dispersed markets, grand temples and lest we forget the barracks to protect your homes and people.

In other words, Akropolis is a 3D tile-laying board game of building an ancient Greek city, in short, it is bloody brilliant and I strongly suspect this will be a mainstay of my gaming shelf for a very long time.  So if that’s all you’ve come to this review for, there you go, just go and buy it for an extremely reasonable 25 rips; but, if you’d like to know how and why this game deserves some of your precious table time, read on:
The News Collider is back again with the best bits of the board game and tabletop game news from around the internet.

Crowdfunding fans can rejoice as Backerkit announce they too will be joining the fray with their very own platform, and one of the first games to launch will be the Miniatures of Gloomhaven from Cephalofair! And if the noises you made when you got out of bed this morning weren't enough of an indicator of your age, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Magic the Gathering Turns 30 this autumn. There’s also a Pok√©mon card that sold for close to a million dollars and because we all need more paints for our minis, Games Workshop is releasing some more.

It's the magnificent return of the News Collider! Back by no demand whatsoever, but I know you've been wanting it, so here it is.
The thumb has been pulled from the arse and I've rounded up the best bits of board gaming news from around the internet, plus a little tidbit about Monopoly. 

This year’s UK Games Expo was fantastic, if you managed to get along over the three days you’ll know that already, but if you couldn’t make it, I hope that these first thoughts and impressions of the games we played in some way help salve that wound.  We walked the halls, we caught up with old friends, chatted to publishers, distributors and designers and of course, we played lots of games, and those that we didn’t get a chance to play one or more of us picked up a copy to play later.

We’ll discuss in more detail our top picks from the event in the Collider Cast Episode 114, but in the meantime, he’s a quick rundown of what we played and our first thoughts:
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