Race to the Raft, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Woodcraft

Andy has been to Airecon, so not only has he got a truck full of board games to talk about, he's also got lots of dirty street food to discuss, including the lowdown on Race to the Raft, Heat and the new game from Dávid Turczi (aka Big Davey T). Andy then gives the rest of the crew a chance to talk as we discuss Lost Ruins of Arnak and Woodcraft.
Episode 125 - Thunderbirds Weather Machine Kingdom Death Monster

Back with a heavy portion of board gaming banter, the boys from the PHC talk about food poisoning, brush stealing kittens, Thunderbirds, Weather Machine and Kingdom Death Monster. We then reach into the overflowing mail bag to ponder what we would do with more time and are games getting to nice.

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