Episode 131 - UK Games Expo 2023

The dust has settled on UK Games Expo for another year but that won't stop us talking about all the awesome people, board games, card games, RPGS and miniatures games we got to see at the show.

Polyhedron Collider Imperial Miners Board Game Review

During the UK Games Expo, Steve and I were lucky enough to get the chance to sit down and play Imperial Miners, the upcoming release from Portal Games.

Imperial Miners is a lightweight, quick tableau/engine builder, more than that though it is a brain-tingling and rewarding game. Over the course of ten rounds, in which you’ll play a card each round, you will gradually build a mine/engine of greater complexity for greater and greater rewards.
Live from UK Games Expo 2023

Recorded live at UK  Games Expo 2023, the boys talk about what has already got their attention at the show and answer questions from the audiance. Warning: a wee F-bomb may have made its way into the episode... blame Sid.

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